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10.4: Change Safari's RSS update frequency Web Browsers
Tiger only hintNew in OS X 10.4, Safari has RSS capabilities which automatically refresh feeds every 30 minutes. In my opinion, this is not often enough. You can change how often the feeds update by doing the following from Terminal (quit Safari first):
$ defaults write AgentCheckInterval 300
$ defaults write RefreshInterval 300
You can replace 300 with the number of seconds you wish to wait between refreshses.

[robg adds: Speaking as a webmaster, please don't set this value to some ridiculously low number -- if you do, and your neighbor does, and their neighbor does, etc., the resulting load on the webserver can be quite notable. The RSS feed here is already the most-requested page, and there are still quite a few RSS users (or their reader programs) out there that like to check it every two minutes, 24 hours a day ... despite the fact that hints here (the only thing in the RSS feed) are usually only updated once per day. So please, show some restraint :).

This is one reason I still prefer external RSS readers like PulpFiction -- you can usually control the update frequency on each feed separately, instead of en masse. If you're looking at a headline news site, for instance, 10 minutes might make sense. But for hints and other "daily-ish" sites, a much lower interval is all you need to stay current. As a general rule, I think 30 minutes is a reasonable average when you can only stick one time on all your RSS updates.]
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10.4: Change Safari's RSS update frequency
Authored by: leebennett on May 05, '05 10:36:47AM


Rob G. smartly advises people not to set a ridiculously low number. Permit me to amend that by saying with the exception of specific feeds that are intended/desgined to get a more frequenty update schedule, 30 minutes is the LOWEST interval you should set. VERY few feeds update so often that you need to update on a quicker schedule. Even at 30 minutes, RSS subscriptions dominate most bloggers' log and statistic files.

I'd go so far as to even recommend this hint be rescinded, except that knowledge of this setting is certainly not a bad thing. But there really should be a way to set frequencies individually per feed--which I'm sure is not going to happen in Safari. Robust newsreaders like NetNewsWire, however, can set per-feed update intervals.

It should also be noted that some people who have control of the server they're blogging from (and this includes me), will ban an IP if they notice an awful lot of refresh traffic from that IP.

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10.4: Change Safari's RSS update frequency
Authored by: ghz on May 05, '05 11:03:57AM

just in connection with feeds..
do you know how can i update a bunch of feeds manually in safari2?

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10.4: Change Safari's RSS update frequency
Authored by: phoem on May 05, '05 11:04:43AM

On the contrary, in my work environment I need to monitor internal feeds at a minimum of once every 5 minutes. 30 minutes just will not cut it. These are feeds that I run why should I not be able to view them more often?

As a webmaster I do understand the concerns of too many people setting the number too low. A 5 minute interval is in no way too low though and in my opinion 30 minutes is much too high.

As robg pointed out though, ideally this should be set on a per-feed basis.

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10.4: Change Safari's RSS update frequency
Authored by: mzarra on May 05, '05 11:14:39AM

30 minutes is plenty for websites. If you have internal servers that need a refresh more often that is certainly an unusual case. But I also have to agree with Rob, for servers that you do not own it is a VERY bad idea to set this number lower than 30 minutes.

/. for instance will ban your IP if you hit it too often. I am sure there are plenty of other websites out there that will do the same. 5 minutes is far to short of a time and will just get you banned as more systems set up blocks against this.

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10.4: Change Safari's RSS update frequency
Authored by: phoem on May 05, '05 11:54:21AM

this is a pointless argument on what is "ok" for a website. it is relative to the feed, what is being broadcast, how time sensitive the data is. there are too many factors. this is why ideally it should be able to be set on a per feed basis.

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You are right.. and wrong!
Authored by: Spiken on May 05, '05 11:18:11AM

If I keep the update intervall at 30 minutes, I miss a lot, since many of my feeds only keep the 15 newest enterys in their rss-feed and there could be like 40-50 news in that timespan.
But of course, I don't want to make the servers go wild and overheat :) So, maybee a good, free newsreader that could set individual refresh times on all the feeds' something to look after. Any suggestions?

(The best would be if Safari would allow you to set the refresh times different for each feed).

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You are right.. and wrong!
Authored by: gaudior on May 05, '05 11:49:21AM
The best would be if Safari would allow you to set the refresh times different for each feed.
This is the best idea. Send a postcard to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino. ;-)

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You are right.. and wrong!
Authored by: Spiken on May 05, '05 01:22:57PM

Would've done it if I lived in the states :)

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What about increasing the number of entries visible?
Authored by: Dave1439 on Mar 31, '11 09:55:41AM

I have a similar problem in a feed I need regular access to - too many entries come through in between refreshes. Actually... it's not that simple. The people producing the feed may only update it a couple of times a day, but when they do, then in the 30 minutes between refreshes there might come through 30-40 new entries, while only 20 are caught by Safari or Mail.

To be clearer... When I view the feed in Safari, I only get the last 20 entries. If I view it in Mail for the first time, I also only get the last 20 entries. Is this a feature of the feed? or of Safari and Mail? Is there a way to increase that number?

At least if I subscribe to the feed in Mail and set the refresh rate to frequently enough then I don't miss any entries (Mail keeps old entries for as long as I ask it to), however, as noted above, this may put an undue load on the server. A better solution would be to just increase the number of entries available... surely?

Also, if I've just subscribed to a feed in Mail and only get the last 20 entries, are previous entries gone from the feed, or is there some way to access them?

Sorry if my ignorance on this topic is blatantly obvious.

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force an RSS refresh?
Authored by: Kimhill on May 06, '05 04:14:39AM

It would be really useful if you could just force an RSS refresh in Safari.

This would get around the issue of permanently refreshing too often, but would allow you to be sure that you had the latest data when you really needed it.

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force an RSS refresh?
Authored by: DougAdams on Jun 20, '05 10:21:22AM

Here here! I have an RSS feed of my most recently played iTunes tracks, but Safari WILL NOT recognize any changes during very long periods of time--like a day or so! I have no trouble with other RSS readers in this regard, which recognize new pubDates as soon as the feed goes up (manually refreshing, of course).

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes

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force an RSS refresh?
Authored by: lastexile on Jun 25, '05 10:02:33AM

Kludgy, but seems to work...

go to preferences, RSS tab, hit "Remove Now" and confirm, then when you load the feed, it should refresh.

I just turn off the autoupdate and manually refresh that way

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