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Apr 26, '05 08:45:00AM

Contributed by: tmhayes

I wanted to remove or disable the shutdown option under the Apple Menu as some of our users 'Shutdown' rather than 'Log Off.' This hint is similar to an earlier hint, but far easier to implement. This hint has been tested under 10.3.x. I haven't tested it fully under 10.4, but the items are located in the same place, so it should work.

The solution I was looking for is in the middle of this thread on sourcforge, and was passed on by a colleague.

I will summarise the procedure as follows, Remove the "Sleep" and "Shutdown..." items from the Apple Menu by using Interface Builder (Developer Tools required), to delete the "Sleep", "Shut Down...," and "Shut Down" items from the Apple Menu in the following nib file:

/System: Library: Frameworks: Carbon.framework: Versions: A: Frameworks: HIToolbox.framework: Versions: A: Resources: English.lproj: StandardMenus.nib

Removing the items from the Apple Menu doesn't remove the ability to use the keyboard to shut down the Mac (Hold Control then press the eject key).

I copied the original file to the desktop and modified it (removing the two instances of shutdown). I then set the permissions to match those on the original file. I copied the original file to a safe place and replaced the original with my newly modified file.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one...]

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