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Send and receive encrypted e-mail through Gmail Internet
If you're worried about privacy on your Gmail account, or you need to exchange encrypted e-mail on-the-go, there's a new Firefox extension that may be just the ticket.

Gmail S/MIME (from the same person who came up with the Gmail Filesystem last year) can send and receive encrypted e-mail in the same format that normal clients like Mail and Thunderbird use.

So, if you like the Gmail interface but want a bit more security, I'd recommend giving this a try.
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Send and receive ecrypted e-mail through Gmail
Authored by: bluehz on Apr 27, '05 07:41:36AM

This sounds like a great idea - until you realize that in order to use the extension effectively you have to register a personal e-mail certificate with Thwaite. I'm sure Thwaite is reputable, but I personally get VERY SKIDDISH when web forms start asking for HIGHLY personal info like SSN, Driver's License, etc. Which is exactly what you will see if you start the registration process at Thwaite.

Does anyone have another homebrew solution that would not require what I consider to be too much risk for my taste?

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Send and receive ecrypted e-mail through Gmail
Authored by: Numbski on Apr 27, '05 08:50:41AM

I would suggest then using the Enigmail plugin for firefox, and install GnuPG on your computer, as I believe that you can then access GMail via Thunderbird. I was just about to do a writeup on this very thing. I install GnuPG on my server at work (FreeBSD), and I'm using it with pine, Squirrelmail, and of course Thunderbird.

Some interesting stuff nonetheless. As I'm becoming more encryption-aware, I'm trying to get more people to use it. It's rough though, most people perceive it as difficult and don't even want to try. Feh. :\

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Send and receive ecrypted e-mail through Gmail
Authored by: legacyb4 on Apr 28, '05 02:09:10AM

I know the feeling. Been pushing the use of signed/encrypted mail amongst my friends and even at work but there is very little interest in increased security.

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Send and receive ecrypted e-mail through Gmail
Authored by: rgould on Apr 27, '05 05:10:03PM

if you dont want to suffer through thawte you can use comodo:

i use both, and they both work.

sadly, to generate a comodo cert you need to use internet exploder for windows.

personally, i think that GnuPG is entirely way too complicated to setup and use by anyone other than a serious nerd/fiddler/etc.

the Gmail S/MIME Firefox plugin works like a champ, despite its limitations (you can only send encrypted email to one user at a time).

but i cant help but wonder what the point is when the account can be setup to be used properly with a POP3 email reader. and Thunderbird do a much better job of managing certificates. exporting the public keys to Firefox for people is.. inconvenient at best.

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Send and receive ecrypted e-mail through Gmail
Authored by: juice on Apr 27, '05 08:24:58PM

If you don't like giving your personal details out to a certificate authority you
can set yourself up as a CA and sign your own certificates. The only problem is you'll need your email recipients to trust you as a CA (using the Firefox certificate manager). There are a number of pages around on doing this under OS X. Tiger has a new handy UI to setup these types of certificates.

In terms of ease of importing others certificates, like most S/MIME clients, the extension should automatically import public keys from S/MIME signatures it receives so the easiest thing to do is to get the person you want to send an encrypted mail to send a signed message to you first (if you're really paranoid you'll get the public key off them via a more secure channel to avoid man-in-the-middle type problems).

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Send and receive ecrypted e-mail through Gmail
Authored by: gdelfino on Apr 28, '05 05:57:35PM

There is a very easy solution for sending and receiving encripted email:

You get 2MB instead of 2GB of storage on your free account. But it is easy, secure, and you can buy more storage if needed.

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Send and receive ecrypted e-mail through Gmail
Authored by: mac720075 on Apr 29, '05 05:15:09PM

I got a freemail certificate from Thawte imported it and have been sending receiving encrypted mail for over a year know.
I can even exchange encrypted email with equivalently installed certificates in MS Outlook at work.

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