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Perform complex keyword searches in iPhoto 5.0.2 Apps
With the latest 5.0.2 update to iPhoto, Apple has fixed a gripe I've had with the keyword filter partially documented in this hint.

Prior to 5.0.2, clicking multiple keyword buttons in the keyword pane would result in an OR filter. In other words, each additional keyword clicked would add pictures to the search that had any of the selected keywords, instead of all of the selected keywords. This is non-intuitive behavior (at least it seems that way to me).

In iPhoto 5.0.2, the OR filter has been replaced with an AND filter. This means that when selecting multiple keywords as a filter, the photos/movies that are displayed must have all of the selected keywords rather than any of them. The OR (or any) filter can still be accessed by shift-clicking on multiple items (their titles turn purple to indicate this).

These searches can also be combined with NOT filters by option-clicking on the buttons: option-click performs an AND NOT while option-shift-click performs an OR NOT.

[robg adds: The logic can get quite confusing (to me, anyway), but I believe the above description is right. At the risk of embarrassing myself, I believe it works like this for two keywords, A and B:
  • Click A and click B: The AND set, containing all images with both keywords.
  • Shift-click A and shift-click B: The OR set, containing all images with either keyword.
  • Click A, option-click B: The AND NOT set, containing all images that have A and do not have B. So an image with both A and B would be excluded, since it's an AND condition.
  • Option-click A and option-click B: A set of photos that do not contain either A or B.
  • Click A, shift-option-click B: The OR NOT set, containing all images that include A or that do not contain B. So a photo with both A and B, for instance, would be included, since it's an OR condition.
Please post any and all corrections (or additions) to my logic!]
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Perform complex keyword searches in iPhoto 5.0.2
Authored by: cudaboy_71 on Apr 20, '05 12:20:23PM

definitely worth the update. the old behavior has made the keywords i spent so long setting up virtually useless to me.

the A & B keyword examples in the OP got a little confusing. here's a real-world example of how i use it and why the new behavior is the RIGHT behavior ;)

i store my company's products in iPhoto. i have each photo keyworded with (no less than) the manufacturer and the type of equipment it is.

so, in the past when i wanted to find a belt sander by Acme, the keyword search results showed ALL belt sanders and ALL products by Acme.

Now, with the 'AND' modifier it properly shows all the Acme Belt sander photos i have in the results.

FWIW, you can still get the old 'OR' behavior by holding shift....the keyword text becomes highlighted to indicate 'OR' status. But, you cannot mix and match, for example Acme OR Makita AND Belt Sander. too bad...maybe something for 5.03.

if it aint broke, break it!

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Search the Album Name?
Authored by: alexmathew on Apr 20, '05 12:23:24PM

I store many descriptions in the album name in addition to keywords - is there a way to search (or include) album names ? There was not in iPhoto 5.0 - its very frustrating!

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