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Set up a Cingular T637 as a Bluetooth modem Internet
Here is a little gift for those that are Cingular GSM customers with a unlimited data plan. After an hour or so of playing around with my Sony T637, I figured out how you can use this phone as a Bluetooth modem.

Before we begin the setup process, you must download the scripts needed for your phone from Ross Barkman's page. I haven't tested any other scripts, but the Sony Ericsson 3G scripts are those that are needed for the T637. Once your download has finished, you can then place the scripts in top-level Library/Modem Scripts folder.

  1. Set up a new Bluetooth device using the setup assistant (Mobile Phone).
  2. Once your Bluetooth phone is found, you will have to initiate a pairing of the device with your Bluetooth-enabled Mac.
  3. The next step asks how you will be using your phone; set up iSync to transfer contacts and events, use Address Book, and access the internet using your phone's data connection. There are two options underneath all this:
    • Dial a specific number access number for your ISP.
    • Use a direct, higher speed connection to reach your internet service provider (GPRS, 1xRTT)
    Select the second option.
  4. This is going to take you to the last part of this setup, which is going to ask you for all the information it needs to connect to the Cingular network. All CAPS is a must!:
    • Username name: ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM
    • Password: CINGULAR1
    • Modem script: Sony Ericsson 3G CID1
Now that this part is complete, it's on to the Internet Connect window.
  1. Open Internet Connect, and you should see the following under the Bluetooth section (again, all CAPS):
    • Telephone Number: ISP.CINGULAR
    • Account Name: ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM
    • Password: ********* (CINGULAR1)
  2. Hit the Connect button, and you should connect without any issues. If you get an error saying No Response from the other end, give it a few minutes and try again.
[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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What works for me...
Authored by: taran on Apr 19, '05 01:38:10PM

I've tried those settings on my T637 (w/ unlimited data account) and my phone tells me "GPRS Settings Unsupported".

I use the following (but since setting this up haven't been able to connect directly from my phone for checking email on the go):

Networking Control Panel
Password: CINGULAR1
Telephone Number: *99***2#

Internet Connect
Telephone Number: WAP.CINGULAR
Password: CINGULAR1

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Authored by: taran on Apr 19, '05 04:58:59PM

Ok, I tried the original poster's settings earlier today and they didn't work. I went back to my previous settings as posted above and they worked. A little while ago my T637 emitted the email received beep. Evidently, something in trying those other settings re-enabled my phone's ability to connect by itself. Bizarre.

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Authored by: enk0d on Apr 20, '05 03:37:44PM

Well this is the thing these settings worked for me down here in miami, florida. I am not sure if these settings vary by location of the customer because there are three different versions of settings for cingular:




It is my understanding that the wap version of this setup is for non-contract phones, isp is for phones without acceleration what ever that means i am not sure this what was posted on Ross's website. And as for ispda it is for phones with acceleration. I will have to do a little digging to see what is the true meaning being these definitions.

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Set up a Cingular T637 as a Bluetooth modem
Authored by: noel_gomez on Apr 19, '05 02:46:07PM

Is it possible to use the phone to dial out to an ISP if you don't have the data plan?

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I believe so
Authored by: taran on Apr 19, '05 04:16:10PM

They'll charge you based on bandwidth used. I'd check their site for the rates before doing this. On another site (can't remember where) I saw different logins based on whether or not your contract has a data plan. I'm currently using the login (see comment above) for a contract without a data plan, but my bill shows no charges for data usage.

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I believe so
Authored by: jamesbondsv on Apr 28, '05 12:53:55AM

I don't believe so.

I had a 1 MB WIX (Wireless Internet Express), inside the package MEdia Basic. I recently cancelled that and now when I press the "Connect" button on the right side of the phone, it says GPRS failed.

When I was able to connect using Bluetooth phone as a modem, I used the *9... number and it used my minutes and not my 1 MB.


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Set up a Cingular T637 as a Bluetooth modem
Authored by: dsouth on Apr 20, '05 04:53:27PM
Yes, you can use most GSM phones as either 9600bps analog modems or as GPRS tethers.

The setup is mostly the same. In the ppp setup menu you enter the phone number you want to dial rather than the GPRS CID number as described in the parent article. When connecting, the phone will initiate an outbound call to the number rather than going directly on-line like it would for GPRS.

Note that using your phone as an analog modem will count against the voice minutes in your plan, though not usually against the bandwidth limits. It is also slower than doing GPRS tethering.

There is a webage which explains the differences.

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Set up a Cingular T637 as a Bluetooth modem
Authored by: Gonzonia on Apr 26, '05 08:41:33AM

I just got a t637. Which script works if I don't want to use the GPRS, just the analog GSM at whatever slow speed I can get?

I tried the built in scripts, because the GSM scripts on Ross Barkman's page note that these are the same as his.

Any suggestions?

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T610 + TMobile
Authored by: dsouth on Apr 19, '05 03:48:33PM

In case it helps anyone, I have similar instructions for the Sony T610 and TMobile, including iSync, tethering, and email here:

T610 + bluetooh+ TMobile GPRS

[The 610 is an earlier model of the 637, so the setup is mostly the same. The only difference between carriers is usually the APN. Note that you shouldn't need to use Barkman's scripts if you are just doing GPRS tethering-- the standard Ericsson Infrared script works fine when using GPRS over bluetooth. The scripts are only required when you are trying to use the phone as an analog modem rather than a GPRS tether. Tethering is faster, and with some plans doesn't count against voice minutes.]



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T39m + TMobile
Authored by: LC on Apr 21, '05 05:48:18PM
Yeah -- I just use the default "Ericsson Infrared" modem script that comes with OS X, as well (for GPRS modem via bluetooth dongle) with my T39m. And, if your pdp context (CID) happens to be 1 (i.e. I defined the GPRS modem data account first, on my handset) then the default dial string *99# works too; (even less hassle!) Larry.

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T39m + TMobile
Authored by: LC on Apr 21, '05 05:50:33PM

Is it just me or ... why does OS X always pre-enable the "send PPP echo packets" option, so you have to disable it after creating a new connection? I mean, do those echo packets only cause problems with certain GPRS providers, or most of them? Larry.

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check the fine print
Authored by: inchhigh on Apr 19, '05 03:56:18PM

As far as I know, the unlimited data plan from cingular has some fine print. They list a tethering fee of I think $.001/byte something like that. So make sure you understand the prices before you go hog wild using your cell as your computer modem. At least this was the case a few months ago when i was experimenting with this same setup (t637 + os x)

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check the fine print
Authored by: taran on Apr 19, '05 04:12:52PM

So far, I haven't seen any extra charges. I've had several pages of data minutes listed on my bills, but I've only used the data services a few times each month over the last three months when I'm working away from the office.

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check the fine print
Authored by: chjabu on Apr 20, '05 08:51:30AM

I was in the Cingular store in early March to add a line to my account. I found out that their Media Works package that I have that is "unlimited data" has been changed to like a 3meg limit or something. It doesn't change the terms of my package, but they are no longer offering unlimited to new customers (at least in the Indianapolis market). It is always good to check the details because plans change quickly.

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Set up a Cingular T637 as a Bluetooth modem
Authored by: smcavoy on Apr 19, '05 04:24:09PM

on the topic on t637 and a mac...
When I sync my address book all entries checked off as companies get synced as .. [company_name]. which means when they call it only shows up as .. and the phone #. Does anyone know of a way around this?
preferably without having to cut up the names and fit them into first,last

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