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View iPhoto albums on a cell phone Apps
Here's a way, as seen at left (larger image) to have your iPhoto library on your cell phone. Here's what you'll need to pull it off:
  • A cell phone with internet access. I use a Sanyo 4900 with Vision.
  • A web server. I use a Linux machine (Mac will work too; instructions for how to set one up below).
  • iPhoto.
Here is what this hint does ... basically you export an iPhoto album to a web page and call it up on your cell phone. However, you use small thumbnails and images so it will fit on the screen of the phone.

Please note: I have only tested this with my equipment (Sanyo 4900 and a Mandrake server), and while I have included instructions on how to set it up differently and I see no reason why it should not work, just be aware of that.

If you don't have a web server, but have high speed internet (like cable or DSL), you can visit to get instructions on setting up a URL that points to your computer. Best of all, they have a free service you can use. Once you have that set up, choose 'Personal Web Sharing' in the Sharing System Preferences panel. That's it, you now have a web server. Open the webserver port (80) on your hardware firewall if you have one. If you do use, you will need an update client if you want to maintain your URL. They should provide instructions for that. I have a separate machine running Mandrake Linux that I use for my web server. A web server service that you might be subscribed to would also work.

In iPhoto, make an album that you would like to see on your cell phone. Now, export that album (using Web Export). I use these settings (but you might want to play around with them a little): 2 columns, 5 rows, thumbnail max width 50, height 34, image max width 100, height 67. Put the contents of the export in your 'Sites' folder (in your user's folder). That's it.

Assuming you called your export 'iPhoto,' o your cell phone call up this address:
Replace with the name you set up on, and replace user_name with your OS X user's short username. It would be a very good idea to bookmark this on your cell phone once you have it, so you don't have to retype it each time. Also, if you know enough about Apache, you can set up password protection so not just anyone can view your album (this is what I have done), but instructions for that are a bit more complicated, and I feel they are out of the scope of this hint.

It might also be possible to write an AppleScript (or use Automator when Tiger comes out) that will re-export your iPhoto album every so often to keep it up to date, but for me, it isn't that much trouble to transfer the iPhoto export to my server.
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test results on Samsung VM-A680 and Sprint PCS Vision
Authored by: blueaudio on Apr 19, '05 12:05:20PM

I tested this hint with a Samsung VM-A680 on Sprint PCS Vision. I originally thought that I had to create a WAP page to browse on my cell phone, but the HTML page that iPhoto generates works fine with my setup. The JPEG images, however, don't display on the phone. I've been able to display WBMP images, but it's not drawing the iPhoto JPEG images.

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test results on Samsung VM-A680 and Sprint PCS Vision
Authored by: Iowa Boy on Apr 20, '05 05:46:22PM

A while back, I put together a little WAP site with a requisit file describing the JPEG. It worked, but now it's not working any longer. I also have SprintPCS. I'm wondering if they changed their phone operating system to make it more difficult to upload free photos and ring tones. Or, maybe they just changed the protocal.

At any rate, I handn't thought of this hint. This is an excellent way to show some of my family and friends the photos if I can get it working.

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test results on Samsung VM-A680 and Sprint PCS Vision
Authored by: Iowa Boy on Apr 20, '05 05:53:12PM

Here's the web site that I used to initially setup my site for my Sprint PCS phone (Samsung VI660):

I think that I've upgraded my server and need to register the mime types again. Unfortunately, I can't test this as my phone's screen is currently broken and I'm waiting for my new one to arrive.

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View iPhoto albums on a cell phone
Authored by: cudaboy_71 on Apr 19, '05 03:12:44PM

needless to say, this is immensely simpler with a webdav server...especially .mac.

just export your mini-page to your webdav folder. for example, i tried this hint with the following:

exported to idisk/Pictures/iphoto (idisk/Pictures already exists. i added iphoto)

access your new page at

you'll still have to reexport out your album periodically to keep it up to date. but, no other housekeeping to do.

if it aint broke, break it!

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Easier just to take entire library with you
Authored by: thoughton on Apr 21, '05 11:48:07AM

For display on a tiny phone screen you can reduce your images to the size of your screen and they'll look as good as they'll ever get. For a phone with a large screen (my SE P800's screen is 320x208) this can be surprisingly good. I can carry around my entire library (2500 photos) and only take up 50MB of my 128MB memory stick.

More info (and a sample pic) here:

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