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See more info in Safari download window in 10.3.9 Web Browsers
In Safari 1.2 (and earlier), in the Downloads window you could see either the download speed or the time remaining, and you toggled it with option-clicking the description text, as explained in this hint.

Well, with Safari 1.3 in Mac OS 10.3.9, this no longer works. Instead, you simply need to expand the window horizontally, and both speed and time remaining will show up. If the window is too thin, only time remaining shows.

[robg adds: Safari 1.3 brings nearly all of Safari's Tiger improvements to 10.3 -- for a good idea of what's been changed, check out Safari lead developer Dave Hyatt's weblog entry on the subject. Dave's also been hard at work fixing glitches in Safari's rendering of Acid2 Browser Test, and it's kind of neat to see his progress on display in his weblog. When we'll get to see those fixes in an updated Safari release, though, is not yet known...]
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Safari 1.3?
Authored by: friedmaj on Apr 18, '05 10:58:12AM

I've updated to 10.3.9 and restarted, but my Safari is still at 1.2.4. What might cause this?

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Applications folder
Authored by: hayne on Apr 18, '05 11:07:13AM

Have you possibly moved your Safari app to some location other than the /Applications folder?
Software Update doesn't usually update apps that have been moved from their original install locations.

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Applications folder
Authored by: friedmaj on Apr 18, '05 11:17:21AM

Nope, it has always been in /Applications. I searched the whole drive for newer versions - no dice.

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Applications folder
Authored by: Darkshadow on Apr 18, '05 12:27:35PM

Try downloading the combo updater and see if that gives you the newest version. Usually, that will work.

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Safari 1.3?
Authored by: friedmaj on Apr 18, '05 01:05:14PM

Thanks - the combo updater did it.

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contextual menu changes
Authored by: anoved on Apr 19, '05 06:43:26PM

This isn't entirely on-topic, but I need an outlet for this observation -

Am I correct in finding that 1.3 changed Safari's "Download Linked File As..." contextual menu option that let you save linked files to a location of your choice to a "Download Linked File" option that saves them to the desktop (or whatever your default location is)?

The same sort of change has taken place with images - I believe you used to be able to "Save Image As...", but now you can only "Save Image to Desktop".

I suspect this has/will be justified as simplifying the user experience, but I find it restrictive. I think it makes sense for files that are auto-downloaded (zip, sit, etc) to be saved to this default location, but a contextual menu option seems like something oriented towards more savvy users who might want to save files to specific places.

Oh well! Just thought I'd mention these to see if anyone else has noticed this and found it limiting.

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answering myself
Authored by: anoved on Apr 19, '05 06:47:19PM

Well, I complained too soon. I just visited the "Surfin Safari" blog where I found that you can hold down Option when right clicking to get the traditional "save as..." download options.

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See more info in Safari download window in 10.3.9
Authored by: Casemon on May 09, '10 03:38:45AM

Thanks for this, was clicking and saw nothing. Expanded the download window like 3 pixels and boom! Rate of speed!


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