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View or print articles without flashing ads Internet
Here's a little trick for those of you out there who do much of your news reading online. When reading an article online (you know, one that wraps around that flashing, annoying, advertisement), do you ever wish you could just see the page in a simple, nothing-flashing state? Well, try this out:

Find said article, click "Printable Version" on the page, then hit Command-P (File: Print), then click the Preview button. Now, you're looking at a copy of the article in a slightly more readable form, with nothing flashing, and probably no ads at all. And should you actually decide to print the article, a single button at the bottom of the screen will do so. Enjoy!

[robg adds: There are obviously a lot of ways to avoid avertisements on websites. There are hints here, and other places, about how to block them permanently, click to view them, etc. This method is another simple workaround that just removes the most-annoying flashing/animation from said ads.]
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View or print articles without flashing ads
Authored by: BohrMe on Apr 15, '05 11:22:11AM

I just use Smoothwall as a firewall/proxy and use AdZapper to block ads. It catches virtually all ads. It's weird to see ads in the browser while at work. :-)

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SmoothWall + AdZapper
Authored by: Brock Lee on Apr 15, '05 12:40:27PM


So you run this combination on OS X? Or is it Linux or Windows?

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SmoothWall + AdZapper
Authored by: BohrMe on May 10, '05 04:39:31PM

Linux only.

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View or print articles without flashing ads
Authored by: luhmann on Apr 15, '05 12:45:53PM

Use Firefox with the Adblock and Greasemonkey plugins. Adblock will block most ads. Greasemonkey will allow you to do things like automatically redirect NY Times links to the "print" version of the page.

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Pith helmet
Authored by: i5ao on Apr 15, '05 01:02:01PM

it's a safari plug-in that blocks ads and more

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View or print articles without flashing ads
Authored by: anon luser on Apr 16, '05 01:16:39AM

Privoxy works great. I've been using it, and its predecessor Junkbuster,
for over 4 years now. Very few ads, no popups, cookies handled well,
infiitely configurable, no click-the-frigging-mole ads, no >blinking<

Highly recommended:

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Printing Trick
Authored by: Chas on Apr 16, '05 01:31:11AM

There are better tricks to print ad-free web pages. I like to save the pages as HTML and edit them in an HTML editor like Adobe GoLive or Macromedia Dreamweaver. This allows you to reformat the page and just cut it down to the essentials, then save the new page locally, load it in a browser, and then print it.
There is a quickie version of this for those of you who don't own these expensive apps or if you don't want to go to such extremes. You can copy all the elements on a Safari web page, and paste it into an app like TextEdit or Stickies. Then you can select and delete the elements you want to eliminate. This is exceptionally useful if you just want to grab the text and basic pictures on a web page, and print it out.

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