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Save search results in 10.3 System
I don't know if everyone knows this, but it wasn't documented as a shortcut in the Finder menu bar ... pressing Command-T while doing a search from the Finder's toolbar, or after finishing a search, the Finder will create a folder in the sidebar called ".search by terms in location," where "location" is where the search was run. This folder will contain the search results.

[robg adds: Actually, Command-T is documented as "Add to Sidebar" in the Finder's menu. However, I wasn't aware that you could add search results to the sidebar. This isn't Tiger's smart folders, though -- you'll only be saving the results of the search, not a command that updates each time you select the results folder. So as you add and remove files from the search location, the results folder won't change. I also can't figure out where this temporary folder lives -- you can't navigate up from it, and it's not located anywhere in the user's folder that I can see (searched in the Terminal via find . -name....). While this may not be ultra useful, it is interesting that you can save a search results folder...]
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Save search results in 10.3
Authored by: lagroue on Apr 08, '05 10:46:33AM

The created folder is in /tmp/501 (replace 501 by your own user ID, which you'll get by the command id).

But it doesn't contain any item...

Should stop working, and keep looking...

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Save search results in 10.3
Authored by: adrianm on Apr 08, '05 12:37:27PM

The search does indeed go into the /tmp/<uid>/ directory but it doesn't stay there for very long so it's not very useful.

You may be able to copy the search from that dir though...

Alternatively, buy a mac mini in a few weeks and get a free copy of tiger :-)

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Save search results in 10.3
Authored by: macavenger on Apr 08, '05 11:31:50AM

While the search results may not update automatically, you can refresh them manually - if you look at the lower right corner of the window when the search results folder is selected, there is a reload button. Clicking it runs the search again, updating the list of items.

iMac FP 17" 800MHz OS X 10.2.x

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Save search results in 10.3
Authored by: rybu0305 on Apr 08, '05 01:14:54PM

This also works if you command + t search results from a normal find. It seems to me if you were creative enough you could make your own smart folders for Panther. For example I did a find for items modified within the last week in all folders of my home folder except for the Library. I used this hint and now I have a folder in my sidebar that shows me everything modified within the last week.

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Save search results in 10.3
Authored by: osxpounder on Apr 11, '05 08:09:50PM

That's such a good comment/hint, I think it deserves its own hint entry. Care to submit that as a hint? I think many would miss it, and that would be a shame.


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