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Use Pages as a simple HTML editor Apps
If you are like me, you may think that none of the HTML editors out there is really satisfying. I mean, I don't want a CSS editor, or an HTML, Javascript, whatever editor. I just want an editor that makes good-looking web pages.

Well, Pages can do that. Of course, not for complicated things. But the HTML export in Pages works well. The only thing you have to do is to set a new page attribute through the "Page Setup" menu item. Choose Custom Paper size, and put, for instance, height = 400 cm, width = 30 cm, and maybe 1.5 cm for left margin, and that's it.

[robg adds: Pages' HTML export feature has been much-maligned; it makes a shambles out of most of the complex templates in Pages, as it can't handle the placement of the images. But if you've got a basic text document, you'll get a good looking web page out of it. The only caveat I would offer is that it's not really efficient HTML -- if you view the source, you'll probably find a
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Find a...
Authored by: d00d on Mar 23, '05 11:22:44AM

Find a what Rob? Don't keep me in suspense!

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Use Pages as a simple HTML editor
Authored by: chris2x on Mar 23, '05 12:12:01PM

If you want to make your HTML in a word processor on the Mac, I still find that AppleWorks does that better than any other one I have tried. Pages did place images well and Microsoft Word makes some of the ugliest HTML even. Word's SmartQuote feature also tends to leave badly encoded characters on your pages for fancy quotes, apostrophes, etc.


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Use Pages as a simple HTML editor
Authored by: wgscott on Mar 23, '05 04:56:20PM

Netscape and Mozilla both have a Composer functionality that is a quite nice WYSIWYG html editor that is free.

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Use Pages as a simple HTML editor
Authored by: wrecklass on Mar 23, '05 06:28:30PM

First let me just say I have Pages, and it is a very nice word processor for styled documents. It CAN do HTML, but as others have said, it only handles the very simple stuff.

For a much better, and free, HTML editor try OpenOffice ( I recently put together some webpages for my website and I found that OpenOffice (on the Mac) gave me the ability to do most of the things I wanted, and handled the display of the pages nearly as well as Safari or Firefox.

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Use Pages as a simple HTML editor
Authored by: rwmoore on Mar 24, '05 08:59:21AM

I wish Apple would update and rerelease Claris Homepage!

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For the love of Claris!
Authored by: iPost on Mar 25, '05 02:34:09AM

I second that. I've been screaming for Apple to replace Claris Homepage for many years now. It's almost criminal that they've never filled that void when OS X came out. No one else has managed to build a reasonable, stable WYSIWYG HTML editor for the rest of us. Contribute is unreliable and pricey for what it sometimes manages to do, and GoLive & Dreamweaver are not for the short of time and patience. and then all of the code-only software doesn't make for a everyday user web page builder. And sorry, as much as they love to claim it, Freeway ain't that easy, and ain't that WYSIWYG. Netscape & Mozilla... they seem to work fairly simply, but a brand new user to OS X... you're gonna tell them that, no sorry, the simple, easy-to-use Mac doesn't have an equivalent to Front Page... but you could always download a bloated browser and use the "module"? I think not. Fill the void, Apple!

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For the love of Claris!
Authored by: d00d on Mar 25, '05 08:41:42AM
NVU anyone?

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Authored by: kissedsmiley on Mar 27, '05 11:46:25AM

wow!! NVU is great! It seems to make really clean good simple html. I did the usual dumb test, just download (drag-install) and start typing text... its preview tab shows nicely formatted output and the html tab shows the html.

It's still a beta, but a real company ( ) is helping to pay for it so the April deadline is probably real. (linspire does a nice-interface-linux; but not available on mac hardware)

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