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Pod2Go - Transfer useful data to an iPod Pick of the Week
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If, like me, your iPod is nearly always with you, but the same is not necessarily true of your PDA and/or phone, you might be interested in Pod2Go. This cool little application lets you put a large assortment of data on your iPod. You can load everything from news, weather, movie, stocks, driving directions, horoscopes, text snippets, data from apps like iCal and Address Book, and even song lyrics. As seen in the screenshot (larger version), the interface is elegant yet powerful, with each icon across the top controlling that specific data source. The shot shows the Applications icon, which controls what data you'd like to copy from certain Apple applications.

I've played with all of the tools now, and they all work quite well. You'll get varying results with some of the news feeds, as they're dependent on the various sites' RSS feeds. If you use the feed, for instance, you'll get the hint title and the first 200 words of the hint. Unless it's a really short hint, that's probably not tremendously useful. Many sites will actually send headlines only, which is similarly not too useful on an iPod. But others send the entire article, which is perfect.

Of the available tools, I found Movies, Weather, and Directions most useful. Having the movie list for our nearby theaters on the iPod is very convenient, and I've loaded the forecast weather for cities around the country where I have friends and relatives. The Directions bit is useful if (like me) you get lost regularly and don't have a nav system in your car. I've loaded a few spots I occasionally visit in downtown Portland, yet never seem to remember exactly which block they're on, nor which of the numerous one-way streets go which direction.

I had a bit of trouble at one point with getting new data to synch to the iPod; quitting the app and restarting it didn't seem to help. What finally worked was to quit the application, then separately quit the menu extra it installs, then re-launch the program. The synch worked on the next try. Other than that one glitch, though, operation has been trouble-free.

I probably won't use most of the other tools all that often, but it's nice to know they're there. For example, I use .Mac for most of my synching needs with iCal and Address Book, but if you don't have a .Mac account, you can at least synch those things to an iPod using Pod2Go. You can also use the program as a backup tool and a basic launcher. In short, there's something there for nearly everyone who carries an iPod with them.
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Pod2Go - Transfer useful data to an iPod
Authored by: d. on Mar 22, '05 01:43:03PM

Excellent little application. Since the last version the podcasting option finally syncs every podcast to my iPod mini automatically.
Pod2go uploads everything you wanted to show up in your iPod and it's in progress, so every now and then there's a little update which adds more functionality.
One little thing that's confusing for my iPod: I found out that syncing iCal with Pod2go and at allmost the same time syncing it with iSync, messes up my calender alarms. So I only use Pod2go.

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Pod2Go - Transfer useful data to an iPod
Authored by: notverypc on Mar 23, '05 04:48:11AM

This software ROCKS!! I have installed at home to Download Podcasts, Backup my Home folder and Sync Address Book & iCal. I've also installed in a work so I can download the latest news to read on the way home.

Every iPod such have this app!!

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Pod2Go - Transfer useful data to an iPod
Authored by: Fenris64 on Mar 23, '05 05:46:34AM

A very useful app that stands out among other, similar, apps. The only issue I have experienced was unexpected quits o launch for awhile. The developer was quick to respond when I sent a crash log. He immediately saw that my autolaunch items list in Accounts was self-populating with the Pod2Go helper app (why? Don't know). deleting the redundancies helped immediately.

The whatchamacallit has to be whatever or else the whosits will go hey-hey.
~ Dilbert

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Pod2Go - Transfer useful data to an iPod
Authored by: mark hunte on Mar 23, '05 07:11:17AM

I created a Sparse disk image of my iPod, using ditto in terminal.
Mainly to see if Icould do a backup of all the iPod,
And to see if iTune would see it.

Yes to the backup.
No to iTunes.

But Interestingly, Pod2go did see it and did a auto sync to it.

Small hint:

my iPod is called marks iPod

/volumes/marks\ iPod/

will not work for the backup.

but /volumes/marks\ iPod/\ 1/

does work

if I did not add the \ 1/ on the end I could not see all the partitions or folders.


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