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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler Apps
The following hint assumes you already know what is. If you're not using it already, get out from under that rock and check it out.

For the past three months, I've been collecting and organizing my bookmarks by posting them to my account. I've got nearly 300 bookmarks stored this way. From recipes to useful tools I've found to interesting articles I want to flag for rainy day reading, it has become a powerful browsing tool for myself and countless other users. Firefox has a new feature that lets you add RSS feeds as 'Live Bookmarks,' and that works great with For users of Safari, we get a different kind of functionality from the GPL app delicious2safari. This works great in that it synchronizes all of your bookmarks into Safari, using an organized hierarchy of folders.

That is only half of this tip. The second half is where the real good stuff comes in. I've been a supporter of Butler ever since I found it when looking for a free replacement for the great QuickSilver. Butler is an essential tool for me these days -- it lets me launch apps, shoot off emails, launch websites at speeds mere mortals were previously incapable of, and more.

Now, thanks to Butler and delicious2safari, I have instant access to all 287 bookmarks that I've posted to my account -- here's how. Just open the Customize window for Butler, and go to your Configuration settings. Click the Add button, and add a Smart Item for Browser Bookmarks and pick Safari (also supports all other major browsers), and close the window. That's it! The next time Butler updates its application list (you can manually initiate this), all of your bookmarks will be available as instantly searchable items in Butler.

[robg adds: One minor clarification on Butler -- it's technically donationware, not freeware. Peter requests a US $18 donation if you find the program useful. In my case, I find it essential, so it was an easy decision to donate.]
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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler | 17 comments | Create New Account
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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: sth on Mar 17, '05 10:50:24AM

This works also with Launchbar instead of Butler.

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: mudiappahpillai on Mar 17, '05 11:28:27AM

I'm a little confused. Since when is Quicksilver not free?

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: gaoshan on Mar 17, '05 11:45:17AM

I actually found Quicksilver while looking for a more rubust replacement to Butler. It also does bookmarks.

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: noel_gomez on Mar 17, '05 01:29:04PM

The bookmarklets don't work in Safari 1.0.3 (in 10.2.8), is there a fix?

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: bakalite on Mar 17, '05 03:01:59PM

I've just tried this, and while has some slight advantages over regular bookmarks in Safari, I think it's not worth the hassle. Here's why:

1) The site is very slow. Maybe that is not always the case, but why deal with another possible bottleneck?
2) Someone posted that some versions of Safari may have a problem with it. This adds a lot of hassle. Safari's bookmarking works really well and will not break in future versions.
3) Google is your friend. If I need to find something on the net I can usually do it even if it's not bookmarked, by using Google. This pretty much obviates the need for portable bookmarks. If I end up using the sites on another computer, I'll evenutally bookmark them there.
4) The extra step of dealing with delicious is about as much hassle as creating a new bookmark on another machine. I only use a couple machines anyway, so this doesn't really save me any time at all.

Maybe I'm missing something.... until I discover it I'll crawl back under my rock ;-)

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: jereynolds on Mar 17, '05 03:30:29PM

I have to agree with this. People seem almost as obsessed with as with Quicksilver (which I didn't like at first but now use constantly). I tried this morning and found it horribly slow.
Its kind of a neat idea, but I don't see it being any better than just importing my bookmarks into another browser. Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to keep my bookmarks private.
Am I missing something? Why should I use and not, say, Safari Bookmarks Extractor as I usually do? I'm not saying its bad, it just seems like more work for the same thing, to me.

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: noel_gomez on Mar 17, '05 03:55:24PM

I see it's usefulness in finding good sites that many people link to. You find someone with similar tastes and you can discover many new sites on the web. The other stuff is just ancillary.

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: nickfitz on Mar 18, '05 11:35:38AM

One useful scenario for me is visiting clients. I'm a web applications developer and often visit client sites to install, configure or tweak intranet applications. Being big corporations, they aren't going to let me connect a laptop to their network without some drawn-out procedure being followed, but it's never a problem finding a spare desktop machine. If I can get access to a collection of bookmarks relevant to the issues I have to deal with on these visits, it's easier than trawling through Google.

I suppose it would be handy when travelling as well - a backpacker could do their research on all the places they were planning to visit, saving the good stuff in, and be able to access the info from any net cafe.

In other words, it's useful in the same way as web mail - you wouldn't want to use it all the time, but it's a handy tool in the right circumstances.

See you under the rock ;-)

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: Fofer on Mar 19, '05 07:02:08AM

iSync and .Mac synchronize my Safari bookmarks to the web. They are accessible to me anywhere.

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An alternative method in Quicksilver
Authored by: yj on Mar 17, '05 09:22:58PM
You can do the same in Quicksilver or Launchbar -- accessing bookmarks is a staple of launcher programs.

There's a Quicksilver plugin that syncs your Quicksilver catalog with your bookmarks -- this way, you don't even have to use delicious2safari to sync your Safari bookmarks.

By entering a good description or set of keywords when you post something to, you can easily access sites you were surfing a while ago and forgot about (or your browser crashed, etc.).

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Bookmark management=anathema
Authored by: mysty on Mar 18, '05 07:13:55AM
Managing bookmarks is - for me by this point - at best a 'nice to have'. As a case study, which I would guess is fairly typical for MOSX readers, I now have:
  • Safari bookmarks (sometimes) synchonised to .mac
  • Omniweb bookmarks imported from the above which are halfway through a stalled reorg (preferred home browser)
  • Firefox bookmarks at work on winblow$
This is effectively 3 or 3.5 databases to manage, with hundreds of entries, some dating back to '95.

I've spent ages consolidating home/work boomarks with (the classic OS) URL Manager Pro in the distant past, but that like many browsers requires a strict heirarchical approach to categorisation. This ends up in a deeply nested structure that is ultimately unusable for me especially as the number of entries grows. Unless of course you sacrifice the categorisation aspects in favour of a flatter structure. Which misses the point of organising them in the first place.

So I think does adopt a much better way of going about categorizing boomarks, but.. it obviously comes at the price of having to tag each bookmark - and manually tagging hundreds of old bookmarks via a web form is something I just would not have time or patience for. Life beyond the screen and all that.

I agree with most of bakalite's points above, google (while not my 'closest' friend) combined with a bit of dusted off wetware memory just about obviates my need to carefully manage my hundreds of disparate bookmarks.

Will I ever consolidate to one ( database? Really doubt it, even if I had the time..

Still, just maybe I will put some key new work boomarks in - especially if I can use them with the indomnitable QuickSilver at home, as a nice to have. Another database to manage..

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Bookmark management=anathema
Authored by: Andrman on Aug 03, '05 09:49:06AM

Anathema, I appreciate your thought on the matter of bookmark organizing. I too have to browse at work, home, and now adds a new complication for me.

I'm wondering how you and others decide where to add a bookmark when you're browsing. Example: you come across a page that you like and you want to save a bookmark of it. Do you add it to the browser,, or both? Does anyone here have some of their bookmarks duplicated on their machine, and if so, does it bug you?!

Currently I'm thinking of saving more general sites in my browser and more specific bookmarks (articles, specific osxhints, etc) on But I'd like to know what works for others, especially when deciding to use apps: should one use delicious2Safari, or the QS del plugin? Both? Only use delibar? There's so many choices!

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: maddys_daddy on Apr 21, '05 10:12:38PM
And you much for a .Mac acount? And cost how much? Oh, that's right, it's FREE! I'm happy you're enjoying your .Mac, Mr. Moneybags, but not all of us can or want to shell out that kind of money for features that can be had for free elsewhere.

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: mysty on May 28, '05 06:33:54AM

It was a gift :)

Thanks fopr your comment though

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: drr on Nov 26, '07 10:22:46PM
There is a plug-in for Safari named DeliciousSafari that will let you use bookmarks.

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Gain access to bookmarks in Safari and Butler
Authored by: morespace54 on Nov 27, '07 01:55:06PM
Or even easier...

1. Type in:
2. Add this page as a bookmark (possibly in the Bookmarks bar)
3. Type in:
4. Add-it as a bookmark also (possibly in the Bookmarks bar)


1. Type in:
2. Add the bookmarklets to your Bookmarks Bar.

No fuss, no moss!

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Quick Bookmarklet Process
Authored by: mdeclaire on Apr 06, '10 08:45:19AM

I've posted a quick review of how to use the Delicious bookmarklet in iPhone's Safari. It gives you a Delicious post form prepopulated with the url and title of the page.

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