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Use font sizes smaller than 10pt on the Desktop Desktop
The Clamshell iBooks have a maximum resolution of 800x600. This can get kind of tiring, trying to fit everything in such a small space. To this end, I wanted to decrease the size of the font of the desktop icons (not just the size of the icons themselves). However, the View Options panel (View: Show View Options, or just command-J) only allows you to decrease the font down to 10 point. This is more than small enough on my iMac or my G5 at work, but on the iBook ... I wanted it a little smaller.

So I searched for the preference file that was modified whenever I changed display settings. Low and behold: It (like most plist files) is stored in your user's Library/Preferences directory. These plist files are just plain text, so you can edit them using TextEdit, or BBEdit, or SubEthaEdit, or any text editor. IN the section that begings with this:
Find this property:
Now just edit the integer to whatever size you want (9 was small enough for me; 8 was getting hard to read). Save the file, re-launch the Finder (Option-click and hold on its icon in the Dock), and it's done!
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Smaller Icons in Sidebar
Authored by: FARMER on Mar 08, '05 01:27:41AM

AMAZING. Thank you so much for this... (not that i almost got used to it...)
is there anybody out there who would know how to change the iconsize in the sidebar...? They only get small when you add a lot of folder, but i'd like to be able to make them smaller, without cluttering the whole sidebar...
any help is well appreciated.

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Smaller Icons in Sidebar
Authored by: michaelj on Sep 02, '09 05:22:15PM

Has anyone found a way to do this with Snow Leopard? I miss my 9 pt desktop font!

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you can also make things really big on the desktop
Authored by: matrat3 on Mar 08, '05 08:36:52PM

you can also change the icon size in that file too. Anyway, this hint works the other way too, you can make things HUGE. like for me now I use font 30 and icon size 300 x 300. Thanks for the great hint!

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Use font sizes smaller than 10pt on the Desktop
Authored by: Crawdad on Aug 24, '05 02:26:27PM
I'm trying to cram more items into the viewable portion my tall, narrow "Applications" finder window. I boldly opened
in Interface Builder and altered the list of font sizes, changing the title of the "16 pt" item to "9 pt" and moving it to the top.

You're expecting me to tell about a disaster but in fact it worked almost as expected. However, the icons didn't get any smaller, so the line spacing did not decrease. In fact, at all sizes from 9pt to 13 pt, the same number of items were visible. I haven't found how to further shrink the small icons in the list view.

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Use text smaller than 10pt, Plist problems
Authored by: Austen@ on May 28, '06 03:28:06PM

ok i REALLY want to use this hint but i open my file and it shows up like this

<code>bplist00-  !"#$%&'()*+,-./01234bcdefghirqtgqwxyq

ive noticed this in only a few of my plist files but isnt a one time problem.


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Use text smaller than 10pt, Plist problems
Authored by: sjk on May 28, '06 04:12:36PM
You can use the plutil command to convert binary plist files to text or install Xcode and use the Property List Editor app to modify them. Search for plutil here to find plenty of examples of how to use it.

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Use font sizes smaller than 10pt on the Desktop
Authored by: kmnosxhints on Aug 02, '10 11:14:14PM

Help. I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.4

my finder plist does not have those keys exactly, instead this is all I can find for "DesktopView" & anything about font size for it:



When I try to change the <real>10</real> to <real>8</real> and relaunch finder, it seems to reset it back to default, icon size 48 & font size 12... After, going back into plist editor, there are no keys for textsize anymore, unless I change some view settings in finder again... I can't get this hint to work in Snow Leopard...

Would like to change my desktop icons fonts size to 8 or 9, and have the grid space even larger (wider) than default possible so that I can see the entire title of my files (or more of it)

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