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Better iDisk sync using Transmit Internet
For those of you who, like me, have had endless problems with Apple's Local iDisk Sync (keeping a local copy and letting the system sync it either manually or automatically), here an alternative. This hint requires that you have Transmit 3.0.2 (earlier versions, including 3.0.1, will not work due to an applescripting bug that was fixed in 3.0.2). BTW, this also works with any FTP, webDAV, etc. server. Make sure you modify the connections and server info appropriately.

First, create a new disk image on your Mac that is read/write and of a fixed size that is equal to your iDisk storage. Mount that image. You can call it whatever you want (in this example, it's called "iDisk").

Next, make your iDisk a favorite in Transmit (you don't have to, but it keeps you from having to hardcode your password in the script -- it does NOT make the webDAV connection more secure, but it makes me feel better that I can share my script without having to remember to remove my password every time.

Then copy and paste this AppleScript into Script Editor, and save it as an application (or app bundle, they both work). You can just run that any time you want to sync, or you can set up a schedule using cron. First, create a shell script with just one command:
open -a
This assumes that idisksync is what you named the program when you saved the script as an application. Then create a cron job to run this as often as you like. I have mine run overnight every night, and then do manual syncs by running the application I created whenever I need to.
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Better iDisk sync using Transmit
Authored by: dogboy on Mar 04, '05 11:52:22AM

Here's an idea:
You could split this script into it's component parts (1 script for each folder on the iDisk) and then attach them as folder actions to the local folders, so they run each time a folder is modified.
You'd have to have Transmit on all the time (I do anyway), but it would get pretty close to the live synching of a regular iDisk, and, like the author says, it would work with ftp.

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Better iDisk sync using Transmit
Authored by: neilio on Mar 04, '05 01:12:43PM
There's a small problem with the script - all of the symbols are being rendered as Â.

Pretty neat, though - I haven't had a chance to really play with this, but I can see it being very handy.

Slumming at

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Authored by: Krioni on Mar 04, '05 04:42:25PM
I was going to suggest using Script2TinyURL to share the original poster's AppleScript, but it is too long for TinyURL. For an example of what Script2TinyURL can do for scripts below a certain length (I forget what but it works on a script that is 1729 characters), click this link : Script2TinyURL. It will open a copy of the script in your Script Editor. Save it, and then you can use it to generate TinyURLs that will give people your entire script in just a short URL. For example, the link above was just "" and it gave you the entire 1729 character Script2TinyURL script.


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Authored by: mark hunte on Mar 04, '05 07:34:46PM
I didn't even know transmit was in v3, but will down load and try Thanks for the iDisk hint.

P.s The tiny script gave me an idea. I have two scripts that copy and paste scripts into script editor or a shell script from the front most app.

in the tiny Url script I noticed there is a url call for script editor. Which if used in my script might work much better. the line is

so I set it in to my script and cut out all the tell script editor do this and that stuff. Which seems to work ok
set front_app to (path to frontmost application as Unicode text)
set name_ to name of (info for (path to frontmost application))
tell application front_app
	tell application "System Events"
		keystroke "c" using {command down}
		delay 1
		set this_text to (get the clipboard) as string
		open location "applescript://" & this_text
	end tell
end tell


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Better iDisk sync using Transmit
Authored by: jweinberger on Mar 04, '05 01:57:12PM

Dogboy: That is a great idea and a very effective way to sync automatically whenever there is a change.

Also, you don't actually need to have Transmit running. This script will (at least it does for me) launch Transmit, and it also quits Transmit at the end (take out the quit if you don't want that)

Two additional notes I did not include (OK, I forgot - it was late), just for completeness:

1) The reason this syncs the folders individually is to avoid having Transmit try to sync folders like the "software" folder on iDisk. This woudl cause problems...

2) This does a non-destructive update of all the files, both local and network resident. In other words, if you create something on your iDisk (say using iPhoto to make a homepage web page), it will be sync-ed to your local iDisk copy. Likewise if you create a site (this is my primary use) on your local iDisk copy, it will copy it to your internet-based iDisk.

What this WILL NOT do is delete files in either location. This means that if you remove a file from the local copy, this will not remove it from the network copy, and vice-versa. I did this intentionally, so that Apple losing my data (has happened repeatedly) does not destroy my local copy, and restore is as easy as sync.

If you WANT to delete files on both ends (like the Apple sync does), use sync method "mirror" instead of "update" in the sync commands.


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Better iDisk sync using Transmit
Authored by: Nikolay Komarov on Apr 21, '06 02:27:32AM

It interesting, what part of this site's visitors really has this software. Perhaps your hint would be more useful it you said serial number or where to get $29.95 to buy it.

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Problem compiling script
Authored by: steves73 on Jun 13, '07 10:34:31PM

I tried compiling the script but received the following error message:

"Expected expression but found unknown token."

Could someone please advise?


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Problem compiling script
Authored by: pumasalad on Jul 29, '09 09:47:07PM

when I copied the script, it had a few illegal carriage returns in it (the web page showed the character  where white space should have been.

if you try to compile the script and it won't work, script editor will highlight the weird character - just delete it AND the following carriage return and then try re-compiling.

I think there were four or five of them in there, so you'll have to seek them all out by repeating the above step a few times.

good luck.

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