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Control multiple screen names in iChat via Address Book Apps
I have Buddies with multiple screen names (usually for work, home, and their cell phones). Unfortunately, if you have a buddy with multiple accounts listed in Address Book, only one will show up in your Buddy List, for the main contact. But I've noticed that in Address Book, you can order the names in hierarchal fashion. So, if you have the following order in Address Book:
  • cell - FriendsIMCell
  • work - FriendsIMWork
  • home - FriendsIMHome
Then your IM will be sent to your friend's cell phone if it's activated. If not, it will go to their work account. And finally, if neither of the previous are activated, the IM will go to their home account.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, and to be honest, I'm not sure I completely understand it, as I thought buddies were added to iChat with a specific screen name. Unfortunately, it was anonymously contributed without any contact info. So if you can help clarify, please do so in the comments.]
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Control multiple screen names in iChat via Address Book | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Control multiple screen names in iChat via Address Book
Authored by: Loren on Feb 18, '05 10:46:04AM

Buddies are added by specific screen name, but if you have a friend with more then 1 screen name, and you attach those multiple screen names to the buddy's address card (so you can see their name in your buddy list rather than their screen name) then they only show up in your buddy list once, even if they are logged in simultaneously.

Here is an example. A friend of mine uses AOL for her connection. Once she is logged in to the net, she uses iChat with a different screen name then her AOL screen name. She is signed on twice, but only shows up in my buddy list once. This means that I can't choose which screen name to IM to. This has been a problem when I wanted to send her a file via IM as it works with iChat but not AOL.

This hint will allow me to make her iChat screen name the primary one, so I can always send her a file, if I need to.

Does that clarify it?

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Control multiple screen names in iChat via Address Book
Authored by: osxpounder on Feb 18, '05 05:07:27PM

I think that clarifies it, but for one small error: you used "then" for "than". In this case, it might confuse people who read "then" to mean "next" or "after that". What I think you meant to write was:

" ...she uses iChat with a different screen name than her AOL screen name."


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Control multiple screen names in iChat via Address Book
Authored by: davidkisley on Feb 18, '05 05:22:35PM

I think the key to understanding this is knowing that iChat uses address book to store screen names, and you can add them into address book and then choose them as a buddy by selecting the name from address book instead of typing in the data directly into ichat. Also, you can add directly to ichat and address book will have an entry with just the aim filled out. If you edit address book and add an additional screen name, by selecting the plus sign, you and add additional aolim screen names (among others like ICQ, Jabber) and only show one contact in your buddy list. The key is the FIRST one in the list is tried first. So, if you have it connecting to the "wrong" screen name when you initiate a message, the fix is to reorder the screen names in address book so your preferred screen name is first. Then ichat will try that first, and if unavailable, use the second or third next. If you prefer different ones at different times, this hint is probably useless to you.


Powerbook G4 1GHZ 15.1

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Address Book reordering?
Authored by: horhey23 on Feb 09, '06 01:57:38PM

I'm not sure how one goes about reordering the different info fields in Address Book (save from deleting and re-adding them)? Any suggestions?

For iChat, when you do a "Get Info" on a user, you can see that it separates the multiple accounts by a comma & space, so one would think that reordering things here should change the default address?

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Control multiple screen names in iChat via Address Book
Authored by: evands on Feb 19, '05 04:31:44AM

Adium offers similar automatic contact grouping based on address book cards. :)


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