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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go Apps
I use Pod2Go for most of my non-music iPod synching, and it works really well for most stuff. However, the podcasting client leaves a lot to be desired. It currently re-downloads the MP3s from your podcasts every time you sync, whether or not they've already been downloaded, so I'm still using iPodderX for podcasts.

I was hoping to be able to launch iPodderX on Pod2Go sync by using the Launch tool, but there's no way to make it sync automatically when it starts, and there's no way to make it quit afterward for a smoother sync. But luckily, iPodderX can be controlled from the Terminal command line (it actually uses cron to do scheduled downloads), so it's really easy to use AppleScript to make it work with Pod2Go.

Just make an executable AppleScript with the following line of code in it:
do shell script 
 "/usr/bin/python /Applications/"
Compile it, put it somewhere on your hard drive, and set Pod2Go's Launcher tool to make it run on sync, and you're all set!

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go
Authored by: enentrup on Feb 16, '05 06:02:51PM

sounds like a FANTASTIC hack of the two...question though (cause I'm a script rookie).

I know you didn't spell out the tip step for step. I opened Script Editor, pasted your command into an empty new doc, hit compile, and saved it as an "application." Not having done this before, what did I do wrong? Because it certainly failed when I synched.


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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go
Authored by: KB3HFP on Feb 16, '05 06:46:53PM

Could you elaborate a little bit on how it fails?

I suppose I should have elaborated a bit more about what it actually does... when the script is running, you won't see anything happening - iPodderX doesn't actually open. The script runs invisibly in the background - it's checking for your podcasts, and if there are any, downloading them and adding them to iTunes the only activity you should see is iTunes opening if it found a new podcast.

But if that's not your problem, try compiling it and running it in Script Editor, and post what shows up in the Results field when it's done. If it works, it should be something like:

"Checking /Users/you/Library/Application Support/iPodderX/...
Checking /Users/you/Library/Application Support/iPodderX/...
Loading History...
Checking Podcast 1...
Checking Podcast 2..."

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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go
Authored by: enentrup on Feb 17, '05 08:44:05AM

I think I got it! I carelessly overlooked the fact I still had iPodderX in it's folder, so I added that to the string and it seems to be working!

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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go
Authored by: tweekme on Feb 16, '05 08:59:37PM

You might want to check out the latest Beta of Pod2Go...

I to use iPodderX and Pod2Go, and have been working with the programmer on adding iPodderX style items to Pod2Go... AAC conversion, scheduling without an iPod attached, etc...

So far, it is working out well, with a few bugs to work out.

Thanks, Scott

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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go
Authored by: KB3HFP on Feb 16, '05 09:09:00PM

Yep, the latest Pod2Go beta is great, but I'm still waiting for the ability to automatically mark previously downloaded podcasts as read so it doesn't download them over and over again.

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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go
Authored by: enentrup on Feb 18, '05 12:43:43PM

have you written Kevin Wojniak about this feature request? I know he's working on updating the PodCasting tab's features, but wasn't at all convinced he'd get it to this point.

Also...where's the beta at on the site? I couldn't find it anywhere.

Lastly....I got your AppleScript functioning correctly, do I get it to automatically quit when it finishes. I mean...I somewhat don't know it's working in the background or if it stalls out, etc. Thoughts?

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Sync iPodderX using Pod2Go
Authored by: anakin on Feb 18, '05 02:18:44PM

The program already sets that python script to execute when you enable automatic downloading in iPoddderX preferences. A simple 'crontab -l' in the terminal window, will show the scheduled job.

It's also the same as pressing the check now button in the UI.

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