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Possibly resurrect a corrupted iPhoto 5 library Apps
iPhoto 5 is very prone to corrupting its library. Symptoms are : it crashes or hangs when you launch it. Of course, you could quit iPhoto, go to your user's Pictures folder and rename 'iPhoto library' to something else. Then you could launch iPhoto, and start over with a fresh library. You could, but you would lose all your albums, rolls, comments, etc., and you would have to extract all your photos from your old library.

I did not want to do that. So when iPhoto stopped working, I tried to rebuild the database (by keeping option shift and command pressed while launching iPhoto). iPhoto kept hanging after the rebuild was over. I then opened Console, and looked at console.log ; I saw lines such as these:
iPhoto[3547] Unable to export /Users/mic/Pictures/iPhoto
So I force quit iPhoto, navigated to the folder mentioned in the above line, and moved it to my desktop. I then tried rebulding the database again: it kind of worked: iPhoto was usable, even though it used quite a lot of CPU. In iPhoto, I deleted (from the library and albums) all of the photos that were in the folder I moved earlier, and emptied the trash. Don't restart iPhoto before you delete all of the missing photos, otherwise you will have to start from scratch!

To find your missing photos is easy: you can look for their names (F1010033.JPG in my case) or you can search for photos which are totally transparent. I quit iPhoto, rebuilt the library, reimported the photos of the folder I had moved, and I have had no problems since. Hope this helps...

[robg adds: While I haven't heard of a widespread iPhoto5 corrupted library problem, I know iPhoto is capable of damaging them -- I had a library damaged in iPhoto4. So if you've got one, perhaps this hint will help. It's also a good chance to remind you to ... back up your important files, especially irreplaceable digital images!]
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Possibly resurrect a corrupted iPhoto 5 library
Authored by: pbooker on Feb 14, '05 11:10:29AM
Nothing really technical to add - but iPhoto5 was doing the same type of thing for me (not opening, tried rebuilding the database, still nothing). I started going through plugins that I had added and the first one I removed cleared up the problem. It happened to be the Flickr export plugin. I had the latest version for iPhoto5. But once I removed it, iPhoto has been playing nice ever since.

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Possibly resurrect a corrupted iPhoto 5 library
Authored by: TvE on Feb 14, '05 03:41:15PM

Anyone have an idea to my bad quality thumbnail problem mentioned here:

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corrupted iPhoto 5 library - TRASH
Authored by: MacShrek on Jun 21, '05 04:55:49AM

I got a few images I can't delete in iPhoto. I get them in the trash but now they are empty icons. I used to see icons in one size and if you made them bigger you wouldn't see anything. I also can't find them if I look on my HD by name. Is there a file in iphoto that stores the trash info and can you dlete that to get the old icons out???

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