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LaTeX and Pages and Equation Service Apps
Doug Rowland has written the excellent Equation Service (ES), so that ordinary word processors can use pdfLaTeX to typeset mathematics. Here's how it works: type some LaTeX in your document, select it, choose ‘Typeset' from the ES menu and the LaTeX is replaced by the PDF of the typeset expression. That's really nice if you want to mix math equations into a word processed document. Plop Sigma in your document, select ‘Typeset' and you get a beautiful LaTeX typeset sigma.

One of the really funky features of ES is that it embeds the LaTeX source within the generated PDF; for some editors, such as that embedded in, there's a round trip: select ‘Untypeset' from the ES menu, and the PDF is replaced by the LaTeX source, which can be edited again. Select the typeset sigma, select ‘Untypeset,' and you get back the Sigma for editing.

Now, having picked up a copy of iWork, I've started using Pages. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Word is out of my dock, and out of my life. I've tried using ES with Pages. The trip from LaTeX to PDF works a treat, but there's a problem when you select the embedded PDF and try to ‘Untypeset.' Nothing happens; that's because Pages produces another version of the PDF which does not have the embedded LaTeX source in it. No embedded source, no ‘Untypeset'.

Disappointing, eh? Well yes, but here's a workaround: select the PDF of the typeset LaTeX, open the Pages Inspector panel, switch to Metrics -- the small rule in the Inspector panel -- and the original PDF file is there at the top under File Info, complete with embedded LaTeX source. Drop it onto the ES application, and you can edit the source again in the ES source window.

Of course, it would be nice if Pages would preserve the PDF there any chance, do you think?
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LaTeX and Pages and Equation Service
Authored by: adrianm on Feb 14, '05 10:46:21AM
Not sure if this is the same sort of thing, but I use the free version of Graphing Calculator You can enter equations, and copy/paste into Pages (or anything else).

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Another LaTeX option
Authored by: pknotz on Feb 14, '05 11:30:18AM
There's also a great little program called Equation Editor. It's a stand-alone program that allows you to type-set latex and which you can drag-n-drop into other programs (like PowerPoint) or drop them into a file (PDF and other formats). It also has a "library" which lets you store typeset equations for later use. Lastly, it allows you to define your own preamble so you can include whatever packages or common definitions you like.

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LaTeX and Pages and Equation Service
Authored by: nathalex on Feb 15, '05 02:20:25AM

And it also works for Keynote ! Great ! thanks !! :o)

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LaTeX and Pages and Equation Service
Authored by: saurav on Oct 22, '07 12:31:03PM

ES is supposed to work from Mail w/o actually firing up the application. But when I press Cmd-/ on Mail, it only fires up ES, does not latex it. On the other hand, I can change into equation mode in TextEdit by pressing Cmd-/. Any idea what is happening?

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