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Password protect the iPhoto image library Apps
If for some reason, you wanted to password protect your iPhoto library, here is an easy way to do it. Remember, always back up everything and don't mess with anything you don't understand. I accept no responsibility for any screw-ups, data loss, etc. Simply create an encrypted sparse disk image using the functionality in Disk Utility. Mount the image, and you will be asked for a password at this time -- note it well! You will put your iPhoto library on this mounted disk image, and treat it like any removable disk.
  1. Copy your iPhoto library to the mounted image.
  2. Move your original iPhoto library to a secure location other than where it usually lives for back up (for example the Desktop or your documents folder)
  3. Create an alias to the copy of your iPhoto library that is now on the (mounted) sparse image in your user's Pictures directory (this is the usual place for your iPhoto library).
  4. Launch iPhoto to test -- your collection of photos and albums should display normally while being read from the disk image.
  5. Quit iPhoto
  6. Eject the mounted disk image.
To prove the protection is in place, launch iPhoto and you will be asked for the password for the sparse disk image. Provide it, and the image will mount ... voila!

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Password protect the iPhoto image library
Authored by: shavenyak on Feb 10, '05 10:38:58AM

This should also work for protecting your iTunes, your email, your iCal, your addressbook, or whatever... if you can find the file / folder where your data is, you can move it to a protected image and make an alias.

That reminds me, I need to move all my pr0n to an encrypted disk image!

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Password protect the iPhoto image library
Authored by: peragrin on Feb 10, '05 03:08:02PM

Actually it work sfor any OS X app.

I use it for macjournal. as well as several documents.

Mac journal starts to load it's files stops and OS X asks for the password. The disk image is mounted and macjournal works great.

Note: don't unmount that disk until after all programs using it have exited. Ugly things then occur.

I thought once I was found but it was only a dream

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Password protect the iPhoto image library
Authored by: mclbruce on Feb 10, '05 12:17:31PM

I don't think there is any need to make an alias. Just hold down the option key when starting up iPhoto and guide it to the new location. After doing that once iPhoto should remember the new location.

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Password protect the iPhoto image library
Authored by: _merlin on Feb 10, '05 09:00:54PM

That will do nasty things if you start iPhoto when the disk image isn't mounted. The alias will automatically mount the image for you.

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Reduce usage on large disks
Authored by: taxi on Feb 10, '05 11:30:49PM

I have all of my media (Movies/Pictures/Music) stored on a server - an NSLU2 Linksys with a 160Gb USB drive.

This is great, except it has a block allocation of 4Mb. All files are multiples of the block size, so each Photo takes up 4Mb, instead of about 1.

I could create a sparse image and have my iPhoto images stored there. This should then mean that only the right amount of space is required.

Of course, it means that I won't be able to view my photos from my PC, or my Xbox with XBMC.

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Curious about your xbmc setup...
Authored by: machard on Feb 21, '05 01:55:41PM

Are you viewing iPhoto Albums or do you just have a smb share to the iPhoto folder on your mac? If the former, do tell how you accomplished that!

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Password protect the iPhoto image library
Authored by: moliu on Feb 13, '05 06:47:44AM

Actually, I don't think you need the alias, just use iPhoto Library Manager, and then use that to point iphoto to the encrypted disk image.

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Password protect the iPhoto image library
Authored by: JC039 on Feb 14, '05 04:49:23PM

What do you mean when you say to point it to the encrypted disk image?????? Im a newbie!!!!

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