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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes Network
I have long been a DTS (Digital Theatre System) fan and have a couple of DTS-encoded (i.e. 5.1 surround) CDs (The Police and Moody Blues). I also like to download DTS-encoded audio material from Swedish National Radio. Until now, I would have to record my downloaded DTS music to a CD, and play it from either my coax-attached CD player or my DVD player into my DTS-capable receiver. Now with my Airport Express, I can play my downloaded music directly from iTunes to my receiver through AirTunes.

In my case, the "CD" port on my receiver is coaxial (phono jack), so I have added an optical-to-coax converter between my Airport Express and the receiver. In iTunes, I select that which I wish to hear and play it as one normally would, with the Airport Express as the selected speaker. My receiver interprets the bit stream and automatically switches to the appropriate mode: DTS or stereo (for regulars MP3s, AACs, AIFFs, etc), thus I can have a playlist that is a mix of music formats. I have now retired my 200-disk CD jukebox.

When (if?) Apple adds the ability for DVD Player to output the DTS audio stream (or the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio stream) through AirTunes, an Airport Extreme- and DVD Player-equipped Mac could then become an integral component of a home theatre systm. With the Mac co-located with the projector (DVI interconnection) at the rear of the room, and the sound component (receiver) at the front (or elsewhere), Airport Express/AirTunes would tie the two together. Of course iTunes, in that same Mac, would house the audio collection.
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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes
Authored by: vansie on Feb 09, '05 10:24:08AM

You'd have to make up for the rather major delay that will occur when playing back your audio through Airtunes from DVD Player, which seems to be several seconds coming out of iTunes at least. For music the latency issue is moot, but even small audio sync issues can really ruin the movie-watching experience, let alone a delay of several seconds. Of course it would be nice if Apple would just take care of that from within DVD Player with some kind of dynamic latency compensation so there'd be no need for manually fudging your settings until it seems OK. Let's hope for the best.

My $0.02.

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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes
Authored by: mikael on Feb 09, '05 10:32:12AM

Where do you download DTS files, from,
and where did you bought that converter,
this sounds really cool, I have tried this with the optical
cable for Airtunes but I didnt get 5.1 to work.


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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes
Authored by: brw3sbc on Feb 10, '05 08:23:41PM

Here is a URL at which you will find numerous DTS files.

on the next page you will find more. Try the Car Chase as your first one - it's great

The optical-to-coax converter is from Radio Shack. They also have a coax-to-optical if you ever need one.

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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes
Authored by: magir on Feb 09, '05 11:05:47AM

Both the Powermacs and the Powerbook G4 17" have digital outputs as well, I guess, they already support AC3 (and possibly) DTS passthru for th DVD-Player and DTS might also work with iTunes - I'm not sure. Just don't forget to turn up the volume all the way, otherwise the bitstream cannot be interpreted correctly.

As for examples look here:

As for using Airtunes with Movies - VLC already has some latency correction included but even with automatic detection of the latecny it'll never be perfect and therefore I think Apple will never do this - perhaps when they also stream the video via "AirImages" or whatever so they'll be able to sync Audio and Video then we'll see it - but I guess that's a few months/years away.

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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes
Authored by: Thom on Feb 09, '05 01:59:51PM

I'm not sure if this supports third party devices like M-Audio's Sonica Theater 7.1, because I haven't ordered one yet. However, I believe it does (I'm thinking of this for Mac Mini users) because their requirements say: "10.3 required for Dolby Digital and DTS pass-through using Apple DVD Player."

I don't know whether Apple will open up hardware MPEG decoding (on the video card) in new versions of the OS, or whether ElGato will build in some code to output AC3 / Dolby Digital 5.1 stuff to output devices like this. But I certainly hope so!

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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes
Authored by: mikael on Feb 09, '05 04:24:42PM

What if M-Audios Sonica could connect to AirTunes station, that should be no problem to let there driver find Sonica from the Airtunes, if regular USB printers can be found, or Im thinking totally wrong here?!


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Play DTS-encoded music via AirTunes and iTunes
Authored by: marroug on Feb 09, '05 06:36:11PM
Sending an encoded stream over the Airport Express proves that the lossless encoding is truly lossless. I've impressed many people with APE, but now it is even cooler.

The latency issue could be dealt with in coreaudio if Apple ever opens the APE up to use coreaudio. There are a couple programs out that let you steal the audio stream from other audio applications and route it to the APE. However, since these are hacks inside coreaudio, there is no way for them to report a latency to the audio application like most coreaudio hardware drivers do. Either apple will have to be invovled, or some very talented coreaudio hacks!

Thanks for the cool link to! Great site!
Travis Gregg
HAT Productions

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