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Add a free thesaurus to Pages Apps
A feature I sorely miss in Pages '05 is a thesaurus. Sure I can keep a Safari tab open on, or run Sherlock in the background, but it's a lot more convenient to be able to select a word while I write and see some common synonyms without interrupting my work.

Luckily, Nisus Thesaurus is a freeware program which offers an excellent thesaurus, and adds a system-wide service to boot. While in Pages, I can simply highlight the word I'd like to look up, select Nisus Thesaurus > Look Up Selection, navigate to a better word, and insert it with Nisus Thesaurus > Replace Selection.

Unforunately Pages uses the Comand-Shift-Comma and Command-Shift-Period key shortcuts to zoom in and out of your document, so you cannot access the thesaurus with them. In other programs, however, you can use these to look up and replace the selection, respectively. Hopefully Nisus will add support for custom key combinations in the next version.

[robg adds: 10.4 will add a system-wide dictionary and thesaurus, but until then, the free Nisus Thesaurus is a great addition. There are two ways around the shortcut key problem. If you'd like to leave Pages alone and don't mind editing plist files, you can change the default keyboard shortcuts in Nisus Thesaurus. There are three hints here that can help with the process. The much simpler solution, though, is to use the Keyboard Shortcuts section of the Keyboard preferences panel to reassign the Pages shortcuts. I set them to Control-Command-Comma and Control-Command-Period, and they work just fine -- both Pages and Nisus shortcuts work.]
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Services shortcuts
Authored by: kps on Feb 07, '05 11:57:46AM
Service Manager is a free tool that lets you change services' key shortcuts.

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Better -
Authored by: Deut3221 on Feb 07, '05 12:54:14PM
Download and install this: 
Highlight a word in Pages (or any other app), strike the user-assignable system-wide shortcut key (I like "Option 1"). Presto - you get a ton of info! -steve

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Add a free thesaurus to Pages
Authored by: haumann on Feb 07, '05 01:48:40PM

A hot-key shortcut really isn't necessary. Once Nisus Thesaurus is installed (you may have to run it manually one time), it becomes available in the Services menu. Just select the word you want to replace and select Nisus Thesaurus from the application's Services menu.


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Add a free thesaurus to Pages
Authored by: exsilio on Feb 07, '05 10:43:49PM

What am I missing? I can't seem to get Nisus to load work with any word selection in Pages.

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