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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor Pick of the Week
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Mouseposť is a simple, fun, and occasionally useful application. It will be of particular interest to presenters and those who demonstrate OS X software in large rooms. It's also useful, though, in a text editing document when you've lost sight of the I-beam cursor. As you can see in the screenshot at left, Mouseposť is somewhat like Exposť for your mouse pointer. You activate it via a hotkey, and it then dims the screen and leaves an undimmed circle around the mouse, making it very easy to see the cursor's location. Once activated, you can continue to use your Mac as you normally would, and Mouseposť won't deactivate until you press its hotkey again.

Mouseposť runs as an application, so there's no "low level" compatibility issue to worry about (it's been very stable during my time using it). You can modify the size of the circle, the amount of dimming applied, and even the color of the dimming -- turn your screen a dark shade of red, for instance, while Mouseposť is active. You can also specify (somewhat) the hot key to be used to activate Mouseposť, and have it automatically deactivate after a specified interval of time instead of remaining active.

On the downside, the hot keys available are only the standard function keys; you can't add a modifier, nor can you assign any other key combo. I would much rather use something easier to reach on the keyboard and not give up a function key to the activation keystroke. Also, although Mouseposť is free, it does require you to register on Boinx's site to get a serial number -- name and email address are required, and you can opt out of their update mailings.

I intend to put this to use during my next OS X presentations, as I think it will help folks follow along with the cursor movements. Either that, or I'll put it on a friend's machine, set the dimming level to all black, give it a relatively large "light circle," and then assign it to his brightness key :).
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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: ianbeattie on Jan 26, '05 10:13:46AM

I've been using this - pinpoint

using it in Pro Apps training great for those small cursors !

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Works for PowerPoint, but not Keynote 1.0
Authored by: Tulse on Jan 26, '05 11:22:48AM

Mouseposť is great for highlighting parts of slides in presentations, but only if you use PowerPoint -- it doesn't work for Keynote 1.0 (perhaps someone with iWork can check if Keynote 2.0 enables the function keys -- a big request I have, since Exposť also doesn't work with a running Keynote 1.0 presentation).

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Works for PowerPoint, but not Keynote 1.0/2.0
Authored by: countvoncount on Apr 21, '05 05:17:14AM

I just downloaded Mousepose1.1 and tried to use it with the just installed iWork/Keynote.
I am sad to report, that Mousepose doesn't work in Keynotes Presentation Mode...

Please add this feature fast, programmers..

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: billbarstad on Jan 26, '05 11:56:59AM

Very nice (nasty) trick on your friend.!

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: robg on Jan 26, '05 12:20:07PM

But quite easy to recover from, and it doesn't harm anything :). Now, if I made it faceless, and could find a way to assign it to any key (like 'A'), then it'd be a bit more devious ... hehe.


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Tip and a suggestion
Authored by: Darukaru on Jan 26, '05 12:10:21PM

Making this a faceless background app with the Info.plist trick (adding 'LSUIElement' and 'NSUIElement' entries) works quite nicely. The only thing I'd like to see is to have the pointer genuinely highlighted, instead of just being in a cut-out circle--if your chosen mask color matches a window's contents or your wallpaper it's still tricky to find the pointer.

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: mm2270 on Jan 26, '05 12:30:45PM

Heh. Fun piece of software. Thanks for "pointing" it out. :D

A couple of things I noticed.
Mouseposť doesn't seem to handle interface elements WITHIN a window, like pop up menus, sliders etc. If you try manipulating them while using Mouseposť, the circle stays fixed in place, while your mouse moves along the interface element, such as the pull down menu. Too bad. Hopefully they will address that in a future update. It does work with regular application menus though.

Second, upon quick examination, it does NOT look like it works within Keynote 2. However, I know Keynote 2 has a more interactive mode, so you can create kiosk type presentations. It's possible it may work in that type of presentation, since you would need access to the mouse. Right now, I think it doesn't work because Keynote hides the mouse altogether.

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: 5chm31din6 on Jan 26, '05 04:55:50PM

I would be sold IF the activation key was customizable and making it faceless was built in to the UI. Otherwise it's pretty good.

Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: morespace54 on Jul 07, '06 10:39:46AM

Actually, mine seems to be working, at least when I scoll in Safari

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Authored by: Hal Itosis on Jan 27, '05 12:39:56AM

Just tried it out, and I like Mouseposť... but,
it puts a "gmon.out" file at the root level of
my HD. It currently displaces about 14.6 megs,
and it seems to contain a listing of system files,
some stuff in my user library, and whole lotta
null chars (ascii 0x00). Seems like a waste of
space (as well as being rather presumptuous).

Is it really necessary? Can we trick it out?


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Authored by: Hal Itosis on Jan 27, '05 05:31:18PM

No thoughts... anyone?

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Authored by: kevyang on Jan 27, '05 11:17:21PM

Create a file /gmon.out of size zero.
Make it readonly.

$touch /gmon.out
$chmod a-w /gmon.out

Seems to work.

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Authored by: Hal Itosis on Jan 28, '05 12:00:06AM

Many, many thanks.

And... after adding it to the .hidden list, I can
finally say goodbye to the elephant in the room.


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Authored by: bill_mcgonigle on Jan 28, '05 11:03:55PM

gmon.out is used for profiling applications. You do that to measure and then improve application performance.

Usually apps aren't shipped linked against the profiling libraries but perhaps this one was. The author might want to hear about it.

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: Riker29 on Jan 27, '05 01:51:44AM


A few suggestions:

Provide an option to make it a background app (i.e. no icon in the dock once lanuched, maybe even a System Prefs Panel type thing?)

PLEASE do NOT disable the "paste" function when entering license codes! We should be able to copy from the email and paste it in ...

For some reason, F16 was not an option in the F-Key list.

Apple should pay buy this code from you and add it to the OS. Great idea!

Now is only somone would implement "mouse trails". ....

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re: mouse trails
Authored by: Michael.Massing on Jan 27, '05 03:21:58AM

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: robg on Jan 27, '05 07:38:35AM

On the license code thing, if you read the email carefully, all you have to do is select the entire email's contents, hit copy, then click in the reg box's area -- presto, code entered!


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Authored by: GORDYmac on Jan 28, '05 02:39:38PM

I thought too hard on that one. I read those instructions, but I thought they were written poorly.

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: bignumbers on Jan 27, '05 05:37:13AM

I saw this at MacWorld, and grabbed it the next day.

My biggest complaint is that it dims the majority of the screen. The cursor is easier to find, but everything else becomes less readable. As an option I'd like to made modifications to the CIRCLE, not everything else. Best would be to draw a circle around the pointer (a non-filled circle). I do like MousePose because it's just an app that doesn't require installation - I often set up new Macs and give quick trainings, and don't want to truly install anything. I could just run it off a USB flash drive, and take it away when done.

Having better function key options would also be of good benefit.

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Mouse Locator
Authored by: Auricle on Jul 08, '06 05:08:38PM

I've been using Mouse Locator which is a preference pane that uses a graphic image to "highlight" the mouse cursor after a period of inactivity. I thought the default image was too large, but you can use another image downloaded from their site or make your own.

You still have to install the preference pane, but it is only necessary for the user you are logged in as - so it can be deleted easily when you are finished with a preso.

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: countvoncount on Apr 21, '05 05:27:07AM

Like posted below, Mouseposť doesn't work with Keynote 2.0!

I just emailed to Boinx Software to add this feature.
I'll post, if they reply....

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: brodan on Jul 06, '06 10:17:01PM

how do i create this file? in terminal? if so, do i just enter the code you supplied?

Loving the Mac. User since 1989.

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: peilun on Jul 11, '07 06:58:16AM


Any system language using double bytes, S-Chinese, T-Chinese, Japanese etc. can't launch this app. I paid for this software coz I used 1.3 and it's great. But now? SUCKS

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Mouseposť - Exposť the mouse cursor
Authored by: peilun on Jul 11, '07 07:06:23AM

By the way, seems they don't reply any bug feedback. I had reported double bytes issue twice. first time on 04/Jan/07, there wasn't any message from this company but just a auto reply until today.

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