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An alternative method of relocating GarageBand loops Apps
I have noticed a few hints on here from time to time about GarageBand Library location (including this one). Now that Logic 7 uses them, too, I also wished to have the libraries elsewhere. Here's a real easy way of doing it. No Terminal use needed. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let us know...
  1. Find your GarageBand libraries in the default install location. Usually here: /Library/GarageBand/Apple Loops/. Logic also installs the same library, but in a different place, so do a search for it. It places it here: /Library/Logic/GarageBand Library.
  2. Copy all the folders in /Library -> GarageBand -> Apple Loops to another partition. I usually have a folder ready and waiting called "Samples One" or what ever and put them in there.
  3. Go back to the /Library -> GarageBand -> Apple Loops folder, and delete the libraries you copied over to your new "Samples" folder.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT! Delete all the contents in the /Library/GarageBand/Apple Loops Index folder.
  5. Launch GarageBand. Ignore the "error" messages. Logic users, Logic will automatically use the same libraries as GarageBand, so you can also use this method to have an amazing sample "librarian".
  6. Drag and drop your new "Samples" folder on to the open GarageBand window. A dialog asking "Move to default location or only index?" Click "ONLY INDEX." This will take a while, but it's worth it. It will also index any and all other samples you have in the same folder. Make sure that in GarageBand's General preferences, you have "Keyword Browsing" set to "off," or it won't show them at all.
You can repeat the "drag and drop" procedure for any new libraries you add, too. Also, if you find the library gets "errors," just delete the indexes in the /Library -> GarageBand -> Apple Loops Index folder, and drag and drop the folders back in again.

Hope this helps!
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An alternative method of relocating GarageBand loops
Authored by: Loh-Q on Jan 24, '05 01:46:22PM

I have discovered that Logic installs the first GarageBand library if GarageBand is not install. Then, if you add iLife after you have installed Logic, that installs the GarageBand library also, but it's default location. If Logic is installed AFTER iLife, then it does not install the GarageBand library.

aka Loh-Q

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An alternative method of relocating GarageBand loops
Authored by: thomaschina03 on Nov 10, '06 02:35:13AM

I had problems with garageband seemingly not indexing my loops. It appears that garageband remembers which loops were availiable to a project, so they remained unavailiable to a project which was created with no availiable loops. I created a new song and suddenly they were all there!

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An alternative method of relocating GarageBand loops
Authored by: the.swant on Mar 19, '11 09:37:02AM

As the above user. My problem is as follows: I'm running Garageband '08 under Leopard. I've reinstalled Garageband and copied essential files related to plug-ins and music projects to another computer before having a serious system crash. After reinstalling and copying these files into garageband inte their appropriate places certain loops cannot be found by garageband. It seems that only blue samples (not midi) are visible but midi-files are not. I've tried deleting and re-indexing but to no avail. It seems that my problem are not uncommon. Also, when creating a new project (as opposed to the old projects from before the crash) all loops (midi and non-midi alike) are suddenly visible.

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