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Stop automatic xterm in Apple X11 UNIX
If you can't stand the xterm that automatically starts when you open Apple's X11 for the first time (it bothers me because I use Apple's Terminal exclusively), take a look in /etc -> X11 -> xinit -> xinitrc. You'll need to use sudo to edit this file. Just remove the lines that read as follows:
# start some nice programs
xterm &
If you want to re-enable this functionality on a per-user basis, instead of as a global default, add xterm & (or some other terminal application) to the user's .xinitrc file..
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Stop automatic xterm in Apple X11
Authored by: goatbar on Jan 21, '05 12:24:42PM

I really recommend that people copy .xinitrc to their home directory and make the change there. If something goes wrong if you are experimenting, you always have that system one as a backup. If you migrate between machines, it is much easier to have the .xinitrc move with you when it is in your home directory!

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Stop automatic xterm in Apple X11
Authored by: gshenaut on Jan 21, '05 01:37:15PM

Yes, copy it into your home directory, and also I think it is wiser to comment out the stock stuff than to delete it.

Greg Shenaut

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Stop automatic xterm in Apple X11
Authored by: jctull on Jan 21, '05 01:35:14PM

Don't remove those lines. Rather, put a '#' character in front of the line with xterm & in it. The '#' character tells the shell to ignore anything on that line, treating it as a comment. By adding that, you do not have to look up what to type in order to return this funcionality at a later date.

As you said, work on the user-level copy as ~/.xinitrc. Leave the original version in /etc untouched.

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Stop automatic xterm in Apple X11
Authored by: UltraNurd on Jan 21, '05 02:40:19PM

On commenting vs. deleting, it's a decision on make on a case-by-case basis. Since I was doing this on my personal machine, which has no other users, I removed the lines instead of commenting them. In general, I don't like commented-out junk that I know I'm not going to use sitting around in config files. It's not an issue of convenience, or efficiency, or storage space, just my aesthetic tastes.

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