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Make Safari update as it downloads a page Web Browsers
There was already a great hint on how to reduce the time required before the first update was shown on screen while opening a web page in Safari. I just found out that you can make Safari update your screen while resources (i.e. pictures, long text, etc.) get downloaded. If, for example, you load a page that has lots of graphics, you'll see it update much more often. This indeed creates a real impression of speed. I decided to submit this as a new hint because, on fast machines at least, it does really improve on the previous technique. Here's how to do it:

Quit safari, then, in the Terminal, enter the following command:
defaults write WebKitResourceTimedLayoutDelay 0.0001
Make sure you also implement the previous hint; for sake of convenience, the command in that hint was:
defaults write WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay 0.25
Warning: If you don't have a fast machine, you may want to increase the numbers, instead of 0.0001, try 0.05, 0.1, 0.25 or 0.5...

[robg adds: There was some discussion in the comments to the original hint regarding the exact format of the defaults write command and whether you needed the -float flag. The man page for defaults seems to state that you do not:
For the basic plist types (strings, data, ints, floats, booleans, and dates) it is not necessary to precede the value with a type qualifier. For example, the following commands are equivalent:
defaults write somedomain preferenceKey 500
defaults write somedomain preferenceKey -int 500
So the commands in the hint should work just fine without the -float.]
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Make Safari update as it downloads a page
Authored by: slb on Jan 24, '05 02:46:38PM

For this hint, you state "...on a fast Mac..."
What do you consider a "fast Mac" for this to be beneficial?


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Make Safari update as it downloads a page
Authored by: hagbard on Jan 24, '05 03:07:11PM

Well, that was not from an engineer standpoint, just rule of thumb.
I have a dual 2.5ghz G5, so, just to be cautious I wanted to warn people. If Safari keeps on updating itself while loading, I guess it will put more strain on say a 800 mhz G3 than on my dual...
But remember that you can change the values anytime you want (as long as you quit Safari before you do so), so try different values, and see what's best for you.

I hope this will help ;-)

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Make Safari update as it downloads a page
Authored by: slb on Jan 24, '05 06:58:05PM

Thanks for the clarification - I am going to try on my 17" PowerBook... ;)


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Make Safari update as it downloads a page
Authored by: richie138 on Jan 27, '05 01:45:50AM

I've got an 700mhz G3 iBook, this hint speeds Safari up beautifully for me.

--- - NSFW (not porn though)

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Authored by: yan on Jan 24, '05 03:31:04PM

Does anyone know if Safari supports http pipelining - if so how to enable it?

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Adobe Reader 7 plugin broken with this hint?
Authored by: lunarthar on Jan 25, '05 01:19:25PM

Setting the timer to 0.0001 as suggested in the hint above causes some pdf docs to not load at all in Safari on my ibook (G4, 800 MHz, OSX 10.3.7, Safari 1.2.4). Also, the pdf load time seems to be higher than before. Setting the value to 0.01 or 0.1 rectifies the problem for me but the load times still seem to be higher than before I tried this hint. Disabling the Adobe pdf plugin and using the schubert-it plugin remidies the problem totally ... the 0.0001 value does not stop any pdf from being loaded in Safari anymore. Anyone else noticed this problem, any ideas why it is happening?

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