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Use BitPim to manage LG cellphones Apps
BitPim is an open source, cross-platform application (including, obviously, an OS X version), written in Python. BitPim allows you to manage phonebook, wallpaper, ringtones, and calendars on LG phones (and others). It supports importing vCard files, too -- so you can export from Address Book and onto your phone.

I'm using it with my new LG VX 4600 phone from Verizon, which although not officially supported by BitPim just yet, works when I tell BitPim I'm using a VX 4500.
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Use BitPim to manage LG cellphones | 7 comments | Create New Account
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Use BitPim to manage LG cellphones
Authored by: mpress25 on Jan 14, '05 12:16:59PM

It should be noted that directions to connecting to the phone and using BitPim should be followed very closely. It requires a special cable that can be bought at RadioShack or online and I remember having to download a modem driver as well to get my LG 4400 up and running with it.

The important thing is not to get too frustrated getting it connected. It's not a perfect solution for Verizon's complete lack of Bluetooth capabilities, but if you want better ringers (for free) and wallpaper, it does the job.

Go to the BitPim website to read fully.

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Line Endings matter
Authored by: joemaller on Jan 14, '05 09:57:40PM
I had no luck importing VCards or group VCards until I changed line endings from Windows to Unix. Before that BitPIM would just crash when trying to import anything.

There's a ton of additional, slightly dated information here: (specific to LG phones)

I never got MP3 playback working on my VX6000, but I found and transferred plenty of free midi ringtones.

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BitPim Works, but be patient...
Authored by: CyborgSam on Jan 14, '05 03:05:13PM

Do follow the previous comment on the cable. There are some GUI glitches, I found I had to quit BitPim and relaunch between certain operations to correctly see lists. I have an LG VX4400.

Verizon is being sued by users of some Motorola v series phone because they removed the BlueTooth features built into the phone, supposedly to make users pay for downloading wallpapers & sounds...

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Use BitPim to manage LG cellphones
Authored by: afb on Jan 14, '05 06:12:27PM
i found this link a while back when i switched to verizon and got their cheap lg 3200 phone.
it shows how to hack that particular model, though i have not yet gotten around to trying it out.

now is the time for all good cows to come to the aid of their pasture.

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Use BitPim to manage LG cellphones
Authored by: thrash on Jan 14, '05 06:56:00PM

I've got the LG VX-6000, and used BitPim to customize MP3s as ringtones, add photos, modify the addressbook... it's a little challenging at first, but there are a number of resources on the web that offer tips and assistance. Here's a few links...

My only real suggestion is to proceed with caution, I did end up freezing my phone up... Verizon was nice enough to replace it under warranty when I walked into a store. Be sure to download the entire contents of the phone to the computer, edit/add, and then upload it back.

Yahoo Groups has a forum or two on these phones, though I've pretty much only seen lame advertising come in.

Hope this helps,


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Success Stories Wanted!
Authored by: lullabud on Jan 14, '05 07:48:14PM

I've used BitPim in the past with absolutely NO luck whatsoever. After reading this hint, downloading the new version and trying again I've still got nothing. The BitPim documentation leaves much to be desired, and more so for us Mac users. They even have a request in the documentation for submission of additional content for the Mac side. Detailed success stories would be *wonderful*, including BitPim version used, USB port name used, phone model, steps taken, and anything else that I'm most likely forgetting. Please post them here if you've gotten this to work or do end up getting it to work.

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Mine is a success. However...
Authored by: mpress25 on Jan 15, '05 09:07:25PM

Though I have no experience using the address book, I have uploaded various wallpaper and numerous MiDis to my phone using BitPim.

Unfortunately, it took a lot of finagling and trial and error. Though there is plenty of info to be found on the BitPim site, it isn't spelled out as simply as 1,2,3.

The steps I took included:

1. Having the right cable.
2. Downloading the correct modem script for network connection of my phone
3. Setting the Port on my LG X4400 correctly
4. Ensuring the BitPim was able to find the serial port on the phone and talk to it before exchanging information

It may take some time to figure out -- and I wish I had written down the procedure to pass along -- but it does work with some patience. (And it was worth it!)

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