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Move data from Entourage to Outlook on a PC Apps
While most hints regarding Mac/PC coexistence deal with moving data -to- the Mac, here's one for moving your data -from- your Mac to a PC (which, unfortunately, some are forced to so).

The apps in question are EntourageX (and probably 2004 although I haven't tried it there) and Outlook (and Outlook Express) on the PC. The desire is to move your email and contacts from the Mac to the PC. If you deal with the email at the folder level, you'll have to figure out how to convert the .mbox format over to the .pst format used by Outlook. That's a royal PITA.

So the answer is to deal with the emails on that level - the emails themselves. Simply create folders in the Finder (not in Entourage) named in the appropriate manner (Inbox, Sent Mail, etc.) and drag the emails themselves from Entourage to that folder in the Finder. There may be some hiccups with 0 byte files if you attempt to drag all the emails at once so do a few dozen or so at a time. Once done, these files may be moved over to the PC and simply dropped into the Outlook app's Inbox (Sent Mail, etc.) folders. All attachments accompany the email. Downside: Some formatting of the emails is lost but the content is all there.

Moving the Contacts over is a matter of exporting from Entourage as teb-delimited text, then opening that file in Excel and resaving as CSV (comma-separated values). Take that ".csv" file over to the PC, launch Outlook, open the Addressbook (Contacts), and then "import" as "other" (which will permit you to choose the .csv file). It will be necessary to re-map one or more fields so all Entourage contacts data ends up in Outlook but there are checkboxes and dialogs that spring up to permit this before you "ok" the final import of the data. It might take a few imports until you get it all correct; delete the extra entries by sorting the addressbook by a field you know is empty in the "poorly imported" entries.

It takes some time to do all of the above but, if you need your data, this will save you having to scrounge for a payware script that might or might not work.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, and there may be easier methods, but this looks like it should work as described (I have moved the occasional message from Mail to Outlook on my work PC, using a similar method).]
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Move data from Entourage to Outlook on a PC
Authored by: MichelP on Jan 12, '05 11:43:34AM

After long fights to convert mailboxes across Mac/PC (both directions) for different email clients, using many ad-hoc tools, it came out that the best method is to actually a transfert through an IMAP server...
It's usually reliable, keeps attachements, formating, read status,...
No brainer with most clients.

If your ISP does not provide IMAP service (or if transfering huge mailboxes), you may want to setup your own IMAP server locally the Mac: some free solutions available through Fink. Maybe other exist too.

Just a hint if you use Apple Mail: make sure (if you import into Mail) that Mail has cached all folder content before doing the copy, or else you will miss some messages... Do Mailbox-Sychronise <you IMAP account>...and double check!

Good luck.

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Move data from Entourage to Outlook on a PC
Authored by: matx666 on Jan 12, '05 06:08:37PM

IMAP works great, and we use both here at work. BUT moving pop mail can take forever and it just seems impossible after a while... Moving PST format from one PC to another works, but not to Mac, until now. Microsloth has a beta tool for importing PST (outlook mail archives) into Mac Entourage 2004. Sa-weet. I can't wait to try it. I signed up to get a copy.

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Move data from Entourage to Outlook on a PC
Authored by: barryjaylevine on Jan 12, '05 06:08:15PM

I should add some details discovered during the import phase of the process. The method I described in my original hint is for Outlook Express. Outlook (the version accompanying Office) sees an eMail dropped into its Inbox as a command to generate a new outgoing eMail with the dropped eMail as an attachment; obviously not what we want.

So do the import into Outlook Express. Quit. Launch Outlook and do the "import" (from the File menu) from there. Outlook will import the messages and Contacts from an Outlook Express (PC) datafile directly.


Two things in this world aren't overrated: Macintosh and Lemon Meringue Pie.

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I agree, IMAP is much better
Authored by: paulsomm on Jan 15, '05 12:47:20AM

I agree with MichelP, IMAP is one of the fastest and most reliable way to do this. I've yet to find any conversion tool that doesn't mangle something somewhere, be it attachments or timestamps or crapping out after a few hundred megs.

When working as a consultant between jobs, I was able to use Cyrus IMAP on my powerbook (via Fink) to migrate a small office (12 people) from Outlook 98 to OS X/Firebird without a hitch. And we're talking people with .PST files in excess of 1G each. No missing messages (at least no one has called me for the backups), and all the timestamps and attachments perfectly preserved. The best part, it was litterally just Drag and Drop . . . drag a folder from the PST and drop it on the IMAP server on my powerbook.

As for Contacts, i was fortunate that everyone had a Palm ;-)

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I agree, IMAP is much better
Authored by: donikatz on Feb 14, '05 09:15:36AM

Similar to IMAP, if you have access to an Exchange server, you can use the same trick. Of course, more people will have IMAP (and it's cheaper to set one up if you don't).

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Move data from Entourage to Outlook on a PC
Authored by: bcb1234 on Jan 05, '10 05:49:14AM

Thanks for this forum!

How I did it (preserving formatting and attachments) importing from Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2007:

- created a hotmail account (required to use Outlook Express)
- opened Outlook Express on my PC
- opened Entourage on my Mac
- created a dropbox account and connected to it on my Mac and my PC (for file sharing)

1. drag email messages from Entourage onto dropbox folder
2. drag email messages from dropbox folder into Outloook Express (into appropriate folders, like inbox and sent)
3. in Outlook, go to File > Import > Outlook > Import from another program or file > Outlook Express... > (click through prompts, enter your hotmail account)

Messages are imported from the folder in Outlook Express to the folder of the same name in Outlook.

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