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Quickly print multiple images System
I'd scanned a number of pages into JPEGs from a book, and was going crazy printing image by image in Preview. Heck, even Windows lets you right-click selected files in its "Finder-equivalent" and choose Print. I had to be missing something.

Sure enough, I was. To print multiple files at once in OS X land, just open up Terminal, navigate to the directory with your images, and use the lpr command, using a space between file names! lpr img023.jpg img024.jpg img025.jpg img026.jpg Couldn't be easier. Even scaled each jpeg to an 8.5"x11" sheet for me. Thanks heavens.

[robg adds: If you'd like to skip the Terminal, here's the Finder solution: just drag and drop the group of images to be printed onto one of the printer icons in your user's ~/Library/Printers folder. You can even drag a printer from here to the dock (or alias it on the desktop) for fast permanent access -- this is basically what the "desktop printers" feature in 10.3 does...]
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Quickly print multiple images
Authored by: mithras on Jan 12, '05 10:42:04AM

Incidentally, Tiger finally adds a "File:Print" command to the Finder.

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Quickly print multiple images
Authored by: osxpounder on Jan 12, '05 04:37:55PM

Dang, I guess you need to have a local printer to do this ... I have a Mac on my desk at work, and I can print to the local network's printer, but I don't have a ~/Library/Printers folder ....


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Quickly print multiple images
Authored by: bjackson on Jan 12, '05 11:36:17PM

I believe that you can go into /Applications/Utilities, launch Printer Setup Utility, and then drag the printer shown there (even networked printers) to your desktop...

Haven't tried it, but I seem to remember it working. I can check tomorrow and edit this post to confirm / deny.



Brian Jackson

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Even easier
Authored by: hamarkus on Jan 13, '05 10:52:56AM

Just drag the file(s) onto the printer utitlity icon in the Dock and it will print to your default printer. Or drag it a printer of your choice in the list of printers in the printer utility window or open a printer and drag the file onto its window or dock icon.

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Quickly print multiple images from iPhoto
Authored by: mclbruce on Jan 13, '05 11:13:21AM

There is a contact sheet option when printing in iPhoto.

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Quickly print multiple images
Authored by: abobrow on Jan 13, '05 01:32:16PM

"Couldn't be easier??"

Geez you terminal-heads love to type, don't you? BTW, Printer Setup Utility lets you create a desktop printer. Just look under the Printer menu. You can drag JPGs and PDFs to a desktop printer icon and they'll print without launching anything.

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Quickly print multiple images
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 13, '05 01:53:49PM

I say this all the time... I don't care how fast you type, I could have those pictures printing by the time someone finished typing that by dragging them to my desktop printer icon!

G4/466, 1 GB, Mac OS X 10.3.7

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Quickly print multiple images
Authored by: timrand on Jan 13, '05 02:43:03PM

The Desktop printer option is probably the best for this user, however, don't forget that you can open multiple images in Preview and print selected images from the group from that.

Simply select the group of images, right click on one and select Open With>Preview. What's too bad is that you can't print the entire group at once. Each document prints as it's own page, but you can page down, cmd-P, page down... pretty fast.

Without printing, I use this as a quick "slide show" of a group of external pictures.

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I'd like more info on how this works...
Authored by: jiclark on Jan 14, '05 02:53:08PM

Does it really scale them automatically to all fit on one page? No matter how many you choose?

Can someone give us a little more detail on how this works? I really don't want to have to waste paper and ink testing this out if someone already knows the specifics...


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