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Use iTunes to trim music and sound files Apps
As mentioned by Devin Lane over in this thread in the MacNN forums, you can use iTunes to trim off the beginning or end of a music or sound file -- permanently. First, add the file to your iTunes library. Then select it and choose Get Info. On the Options tab, you will see two fields at the bottom labeled Start Time and End Time. Modify whichever of these applies to your particular situation, then click OK. This will, as you probably know, cause the song to play from or stop at a different point than it normally would, but it doesn't actually alter the file at all.

The real hint here is the next part: in the Advanced menu, choose "Convert Selection to MP3" (if it says Convert Selection to something else instead, choose the MP3 Encoder in iTunes' Importing preferences; you can also use these preferences to re-save your sound file as WAV or AIFF instead). The converted file will be trimmed to the start and end times you selected earlier. You can then extract the file from iTunes using File -> Show Song File, if you're so inclined.
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Use iTunes to trim music and sound files
Authored by: DougAdams on Jan 03, '05 10:16:49AM
The AppleScript Player Position to Start or Stop will let you use the current paused position of the current track as either its Start or Stop time. Additionally, you can then use Copy From Start to Stop to make a copy of the selected track using its start and stop times, which essentially allows you to just copy that portion of the file.

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Use iTunes to trim music and sound files
Authored by: tobyc on Jan 03, '05 10:57:03AM

If you encode from a lossy format like MP3 or AAC to another lossy format you will generally see a degradation in the sound quality. I wouldn't really reccomend this hint if your original sound files are of low quality like 128k or even 256k.

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Use iTunes to trim music and sound files
Authored by: DougAdams on Jan 03, '05 11:56:54AM

This hint works best when importing from CD. Or long AIFF from vinyl or other recording source.

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Authored by: gidds on Jan 03, '05 07:49:02PM
If the file is a lossless one (AIFF, WAV, ALE, &c), then it's probably easier and certainly more precise to use a proper audio editor.  (I use the shareware Amadeus, which is very powerful, but for something simple like that there are many free ones such as Audacity.)

And if the file is an MP3, then better to use an app that can trim it without decompressing and recompressing, such as the rather good MP3Trimmer.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any apps that can trim other lossily-compressed files (AAC, Ogg, &c) without recompressing — anyone know of one?


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Great to make ring-tones
Authored by: verive on Jan 03, '05 08:11:54PM

Oddly enough I also discoved this just today!
It worked great for my application, which was to create short snippets of songs to use as MP3 ringtones for my cellphone (and here the loss of quality isn't that big a deal since I'm using 96Kbps for the ringtones.)

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Use iTunes to trim music and sound files
Authored by: stonemtn on Jan 04, '05 07:55:38AM

You can also export iTunes files by simply dragging them out of the library and onto the desktop (or wherever). iTunes will then copy the file to that location.

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