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How to work with MHTML files System
Have you ever received a MHTML file, or downloaded one and weren't sure what to do with it? MHTML is a Microsoft file format for an "archived web page." There are no MHTML readers for the Mac, though, so what do you do if you need to work with one?

This topic was discussed in this forum thread over on our forum site, and 'mark hunte' came up with a method to view these files using only your Mac, Stuffit Expander, and TextEdit. Then user Hayne stepped in, and trimmed a few of the steps by using Graphic Converter. Although the process isn't exactly a one-click operation, it's not too bad, especially if you have Graphic Converter.

So if you have an MTHML file you need to view, check out the above references to make it usable on your Mac.
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How to work with MHTML files
Authored by: KAMiKAZOW on Dec 30, '04 05:49:54PM

First of all: MHTML is no Microsoft file format. It's an open standard and the official name is RFC 2557, but that name isn't really handy.
If you want to open a MHTML file on a Mac and have MS Office installed, just rename the file extension to eml. Microsoft Entourage can open the file with images and stuff.

There is also an extension for Mozilla and Firefox to open web archives. Sadly it just works on Windows and Linux. On Mac it only works about 50%. Maybe in the future somebody ports it to Mac. Get it from

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How to work with MHTML files
Authored by: plaguebearer on Dec 31, '04 01:12:51AM

It seems to me that a person could write an applescript to do all these steps. The script could even be saved as an app and have the MHTML file type assigned to open with that app. Then all you'd have to do is double click on the file and it'd be converted and opened.

I don't know enough applescript to accomplish this myself. But, I don't see technical roadblocks that'd prevent it from working.

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How to work with MHTML files
Authored by: vilennon on Dec 31, '04 05:08:49AM
to work with MHTML files - WAF Inspector? Nope!
Authored by: csmith on Feb 19, '05 04:26:28PM

Thanks for the pointer to a cool little utility, WAFInspec, which lets you extract items from the cache file MSIE generates.

Unfortunately, feeding it *.mht or *.mhtml files simply brings up a message, "That doesn't appear to be a WAF file, so I don't think I'll open it."

Perhaps someone will write a utility not just to extract pictures, but to assemble the original web page (that was archived), as laid out in the MHTML file.

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How to work with MHTML files
Authored by: bluehz on Dec 31, '04 08:51:47AM

WAC is an OS 9 application that will quickly convert IE archived web pages (waf) to standard html pages readable by any browser. I recently used this to convert about 500 waf files to standard html. Not sure if these are the same as mhtml pages - but it sounds like it....

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MHTML support in next version of GC
Authored by: hayne on Dec 31, '04 11:00:56AM

I you read right to the end of that forum thread, you will see that the author of the Graphic Convertor application has added direct support for MHTML in a beta version. So the next version of GC will make this even easier.

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How to work with MHTML files
Authored by: cynikal on Jan 02, '05 03:09:46PM

i didn't know microsloth horded the mhtml extension.. as far as i heard, mhtml is the extension to html files that contain Mason code (the perl embedded template system).

but if you need the microisht mhtml files, you could just take a minute or two and start up vpc and open it there.. the reasoning behind that being that if it's more work to set up your work-flow than actually perform it under another operating system, it ain't worth the bother (unless in the long run it'll save you time).. depends on how often you work with mhtml files.

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How to work with MHTML files
Authored by: mark hunte on Jan 03, '05 07:02:35AM

Just to note, not every one who needs to use these files on the odd occasion, will be able to do so without having costly software like vpc or entourage


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How to work with MHTML files: THE SOLUTION
Authored by: bendiboum on Dec 03, '05 05:40:48PM

Hey guys, download the last batch of the Opera Browser WORKS FINE with MHT files!!! And boy is it simple to use. :-)



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