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Create a clickable Mozilla Mail application Apps
Someone on a Usenet group asked if there was any way to start up Mozilla in mail/newsgroup mode by clicking on an icon, i.e., in /Applications or in the dock. The functionality can be achieved by running the command .../mozilla-bin -mail. Apparently it is possible to clickify this on Windows by using some kind of aliasing procedure. Well, maybe there is some kind of alias you can make in OS X for this, too, but I don't know what it is. Instead, I constructed a simple mini-app, download, using Platypus and a shell script.

The shell script is:

exec /Applications/ -mail
In fact, if you install this in your command path as mozmail, you can start Mozilla in email mode from the command line.

Platypus is an essential free application that takes a script and builds a Cocoa wrapper around it. I learned about it here on macosxhints. Anyway, it is trivial to create the clickable version of with Platypus. You just fill in the name of the application you are creating and the path to the script, and click the "Create" button.

Finally, I added a nifty icon from Fablue to give it a distinctive character, and ran it through StuffIt to make it downloadable. Just download, unstuff, and move into your Applications directory or anywhere else. Or, you could get Platypus and do it yourself -- the whole process took literally less than one minute.

It assumes that Mozilla is installed in the location above; this can be changed by editing a file called script, which is within the application's folder.
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Create a clickable Mozilla Mail application
Authored by: peragrin on Dec 30, '04 01:20:24PM

I am not at my mac at the moment and don't have Mozilla(I use firefox) installed.

Somebody try this first from the terminal

open -a "Mozilla -mail"

That should open it. the quotes are important.

Now to create an alias,

at the terminal window type

Pico --Pico is a commandline text editor that's very easy to use, and is installed by defualt at least in Pather.

open -a "Mozilla -mail"

press ctrl-x (look at the bottom for quit) and make sure you save it. The name Mozmail works fine.

now the defualt save location is most likely your home directory. So open finder to your home folder. Find the Mozmail item. Without a file type it will probably appear as either the default icon or a text icon.

Get Info. on the file

Change icon to what ever you want. Mozilla's are probally under


I am Not sure exactly though

One more stop at the terminal Window. make sure you are in the right directory were Mozmail is located at type

Chmod 777 Mozmail

This will make it globally excutable.

Back to finder and double click on it. Drag to the app folder, and others can use it as well.

Now I haven't tested this, because I am not at home, and I don't have mozilla installed. I am not sure how Finder responds to running shell scripts. But you can always rewrite it for Apple script.

I thought once I was found but it was only a dream

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Create a clickable Mozilla Mail application
Authored by: peragrin on Dec 30, '04 05:58:06PM

Now that I am home I have to admit i was wrong, open doesn't work that way.

There is a hint farther done that does work though.

I thought once I was found but it was only a dream

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Mozilla Mail is already clickable
Authored by: tr on Dec 30, '04 01:35:24PM

and what about going to preferences > appearance and choose there how you want to startup mozilla?

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Create a clickable Mozilla Mail application
Authored by: jammjamm on Dec 30, '04 02:51:49PM

You can also

* Create a text file with your script in it

* chmod +x it to make it executable

* name the file with a ".command" extension -- this allows a shell script to be run by double-clicking, otherwise, you need to drag and drop in into the terminal.

* When you double-click the ".command" shell script file, Terminal will launch and run the script

I made a script like this to launch the Firfox Profile Manager:
/Applications/ -profilemanager

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Create a clickable Mozilla Mail application
Authored by: Christoph on Jan 03, '05 04:22:58AM

The .command extension trick has the drawback that is launched which is quite ugly. This is circumvented with Platypus. If you want to give the user feedback when something goes wrong you can use CocoaDialog.

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