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Scroll Mail's message list a page at a time Apps
I hadn't seen this posted anywhere (and I didn't see it here on MacOSXHints). From Macintouch's report of December 22, 2004, comes this tidbit:
Scroll Wheel

Jason Staloff
It's true that page-at-a-time scrolling with pgup and pgdown affects only the message pane, not the list pane. However, you can pgup and pgdown in the list pane by using the ctrl key, and this does not require you to change focus to the list pane.
Thanks Jason!

[robg adds: This has bugged me for a long time. If you have the list view panel active, the up and down arrow keys will scroll a message at a time, but page-up and page-down will scroll the currently active message by a page. I had even checked Mail's help for a solution, as it has a keyboard shortcuts section. The control-page-up and -page-down shortcuts are, of course, not listed! There are some other nice tidbits in Macintouch's Mail report, which now spans nine parts over the last six or so months...]
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Scroll Mail's message list a page at a time
Authored by: bradrf on Dec 23, '04 03:54:11PM

Coming from the same vein of irritation, does anybody know how one might use the keyboard in the list pane to scroll all the way up to the top or down to the bottom? I've tried all the usual culprits (cmd-down, cmd-end, etc.) with no success.

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Scroll Mail's message list a page at a time
Authored by: gralem on Dec 25, '04 12:46:05PM
I kind of have the opposite problem. I try to read my email w/o the mouse, and I change messages in the list pane one at a time with the arrow keys. For scrolling emails, the ONLY way I know how is with the page-up/down. I always want to scroll a line at a time through the message. Unfortunately, I have to scroll a page at a time and lose the context of the rest of the email.



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Scroll Mail's message list a page at a time
Authored by: babaloo on Dec 28, '04 03:42:38AM

just hit the tab-key once and you can scroll the message one line at a time with the down-arrow-key.

to get back to the messages list pane hit the tab-key twice (there's the search field in between) and you can scroll the messages again.

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Scroll Mail's message list a page at a time
Authored by: macondo on Dec 28, '04 07:50:22AM

I am not sure if have been missing this solution, but why are you not scrolling with the Space Bar?

When you hit the Space Bar, the message can be read fluently and by the time you reach the end of it, one extra hit of the SB will scroll your e-mail list , down( or up with the Shift-SB combo Key) to the next message. This is a borrowed feature from (old) Outlook Express and Entourage.

While reading, you can also hit Option-SB or Shift-SB and move upwards in the same message, this is back to the begginning, equivalent to PageUp.

Anyways it is a bit messy. I use the SB to read and the arrows to move from one message to another, to avoid some of the "finger mess" this key combos creates, forcing me to play the keyboard like an expert Piano guy,although some may get used to it.


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