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Reduce the file size of iPhoto slideshows Apps
When exporting a QuickTime slideshow from iPhoto, you have no access to the QuickTime options dialog you get when exporting from iMovie, FinalCut, or QuickTime Pro. The QuickTime movies iPhoto generates are immense, even though Apple uses conservative defaults for the framerate, etc. To drastically improve filesizes, open the exported slideshow in QuickTime Pro, pull down File -> Export, click Options, and do some tweaking. The options I like are:
  • Video: MPEG-4, medium quality, 12 or 15fps, no data rate limit.
  • Audio: MPEG-4, 22kHz 16-bit mono
  • Hint for fast start
I just reduced a 14.5MB iPhoto export to 4MB, with no significant loss of quality. Of course, the amount of space (e.g. bandwidth) you save will differ if your slideshow does or does not include audio. Why Apple does not provide access to the QuickTime options on export from iPhoto is a mystery.

[robg adds: You'll need QuickTime Pro to make this work -- and even if you don't work in video, I think it's a worthy $30 expense (Apple lists 10 reasons to upgrade on their QuickTime download page).]
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Reduce the file size of iPhoto slideshows
Authored by: remmuh on Dec 13, '04 12:38:48PM

It's interesting that you posted this, just recently, within a few days, I have been trying to figure out, how to get fast start to work on the quicktime movies that iPhoto exports. Like you said, it is a mystery why these options are not available from Quicktime.

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Reduce the file size of iPhoto slideshows
Authored by: magir on Dec 14, '04 03:08:02AM

According to some news sources, the price for Quicktime drops to 19 USD when the next version is released. So if you're considering buying quicktime wait until at least MacWorld Expo is over - nobody knows what happens :-).

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Reduce the file size of iPhoto slideshows
Authored by: landis on Dec 14, '04 11:27:14AM
I think the price drop is coming with a new version number of QuickTime which, as I understand it, isn't until X.4 is released.

Anybody who works with QuickTime content should definitely have QTPro. Extremely useful, and not that expensive. Also, if you haven't bought it yet and intend to, you should consider buying the QuickTime for the Web book by Steven Gulie at Apple (straight Amazon link). It includes a 'free' key for QTPro 6 - A $29 value!

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Reduce the file size of iPhoto slideshows
Authored by: sjk on Dec 19, '04 03:03:41AM
And MPEG Streamclip can make MPEG-2 Playback Component a worthwhile purchase.

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Reduce the file size of iPhoto slideshows
Authored by: EatingPie on Dec 23, '04 01:39:24PM

Okay here's the big question...

Is there a way to take a slideshow and generate a mpeg2 transport stream (.ts or .m2t) file?

If so, this would be playable over firewire to an HDTV. Currently, the only option for viewing photos in high resolution (1920x1080 or 1280x720) format is via a $300 Roku box to an HDTV (sadly the iPod Photo only has outputs for Standard Definition TV (~640x480). I would prefer a free or cheap (ie Quicktime Pro priced) solution!



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Reduce the file size of iPhoto slideshows
Authored by: mikilon on Jun 09, '06 06:11:53AM

There are few other sources for this huge quicktime movies of slideshows:
1. iPhoto does not compress on export so if you make a slideshow from 2MB images, it seems just to sequence them up. Workaround:
Export->GraphicConverter->Import->Slideshow. A bit stupid but works. (Anyone interested of making this as a plugin/applescript?)
2. Kern burn effect and transitions are transformed to image sequences in QT.
Setting them to off can save 70% of space.

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