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Change iSync device icons Apps
I was kind of disappointed in the generic icon that iSync gave my Sony Ericsson T637. It didn't really look like my phone, although it did resemble the T630 which is the same but white. I thought it looked a little cartoony so I replaced it with a more photographic representation. First open iSync and take a look at the icon you have. Then find the corresponding ".tiff" file in the BTConduit.bundle package. You can find that file at the following path:
Once you locate your current icon's tiff file, copy the name of it to the tiff file you want to replace it with. Then just replace the original with the one you just renamed.

  • The files you will be changing in the bundle are TIFFs. So in Photoshop (or your image editor of choice), you need to re-save your icon file as a TIFF as well.
  • Some icon files may resist opening/importing into Photoshop but copying or screen capturing can get around this with acceptable results. The end file will be displayed very small in the iSync interface.
  • If you are making a custom file, just copy one that's already there and use it as a size template.
  • If you want a transparent image, save your file as such. Otherwise you'll get a colored square behind your icon.
Naturally, you should back up any files you change in case you want them back. Here are the results of my iSync surgery. And you might want to use some Apple-provided Ericsson icons and Nokia icons as your starting point..
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Change iSync device icons
Authored by: Big Daddy Cool on Dec 09, '04 10:19:04AM

What am I doing wrong? I can find the SyncServices/BTConduit.bundle, but can get no further. There is no Contents or Resource, just the BTConduit.bundle file.

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it is a directory
Authored by: slaterecords on Dec 09, '04 10:40:52AM

Look inside it. From the GUI, you would right-click on the folder and select "Show package contents."

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Change iSync device icons
Authored by: eableson on Dec 09, '04 12:06:40PM

You need to convince the Finder to let you into the package. In reality, it's a folder, but it treats them as a separate object unless you control-click on it and select "display contents of package". That's a rough translation as I'm running under a French Finder at the moment.



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Thanks All!
Authored by: Big Daddy Cool on Dec 09, '04 12:52:16PM

Hey, I just learned something, thanks.

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My Apologies
Authored by: digiglyphics on Dec 09, '04 02:09:07PM

Sorry about that chaps! I erroneously assumed that everyone would know how to creep inside of a package. I also failed to mention that you will need to temporarily grant yourself permission to files in question as they're all owned by root.

I found my way to the icon files just off of a blind hunch and a suspicion that "BT" an acronym for BlueTooth. Thought others may have not been happy with the icon that was there by default.

Sorry for the incompleteness of my post.



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For the T610/T616 owners
Authored by: pascalpp on Dec 09, '04 10:50:57AM
For some reason the icon iSync uses for the Sony Ericsson T610/T616 is red, whereas most of these phones, that i have seen, are black and silver. Here's a readymade icon you can drop in to replace the existing red icon.

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For the T610/T616 owners
Authored by: digiglyphics on Dec 09, '04 01:47:39PM




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Other Icons to find as well
Authored by: Garex on Dec 09, '04 07:13:34PM
My phone is a Nokia 6600 and I missed the icon file in the above specified location. If you open "Terminal" and change directory to the following location, you can find more icons:
[garex@locutus:SyncServices]$ pwd
[garex@locutus:SyncServices]$ find . -type f -name "*.tiff"

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Other Icons to find as well
Authored by: digiglyphics on Dec 09, '04 08:16:34PM

I guess the real lesson here is the icon will reside in a different package depending on how your phone and your MAC connect. Since I use a bluetooth connection mine was in the BTConduit.bundle. It seems as thought the icons are distributed by device or connection type. The Nokia 6600 is listed in the SymbianConduit.bundle.

Does that seem on target Garex? Naturally running find in the terminal is quicker than digging through the bundles anyhow.


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Change iSync device icons
Authored by: locklin on Jul 09, '05 05:43:21PM

How can I change my device icons in Mac OS X 10.4.1?

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Change iSync device icons
Authored by: cmccarthy on Jul 30, '05 11:13:04AM

Deep breath...


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Change iSync device icons
Authored by: Scifiguy on Aug 30, '05 05:24:47PM

I tried this with the Palm folder to change the icon for my Treo, but it didn't work. Every place I could find within the iSync app package I changed the icon for "Tungsten.tiff" (which is what shows up for my Treo 650, even though there is a Treo icon hidden in there), and it doesn't change the icon in iSync like it used to in 10.3.9. Anyone have any ideas?

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Change iSync device icons for Motorola devices
Authored by: strickm on Dec 27, '05 04:42:05AM
I am using Mac OS X 10.4.3 and have a black Motorola Razr V3. I wanted to have the black icon displayed in iSync, so I used the previous hints to determine how to change the device icon displayed in iSync for the Razr V3 from a silver to a black model phone. Mac OS X 10.4.3 already contains the necessary icon.

First, open the following file with the Property List Editor (installed with XCode developer suite) application:

Next, locate the string that defines the icon used with the Motorola Razr V3 phone. The PhoneIcon string in the plist is the correct value to change from silver to black. The hierarchial path within the plist to the PhoneIcon string is:
Root --> com.motorola.razorV3 --> Services --> 0 --> ServiceProperties --> PhoneIcon
Change the value of the PhoneIcon string from
Then, relaunch iSync and you should expect to see the black icon for the Razr V3.


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