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Speed up MouseWorks' scroll ring scrolling Apps
The OSX version of Kensington's MouseWorks application provides a limited number of "scroll ring" speeds, and "Very fast" is really not very fast. Here's how to hack the com.kensington.mouseworks.plist file to provide a speed faster than what if offered. Open the plist using TextEdit. Look for this string:
Directly beneath that line will be this line:
The number will be 1 through 5, depending on the setting you used in the MouseWorks System Preferences panel. If you're using this hack, the number will probably be 5, as that's the fastest Kensington permited you to set. That's the "very fast" setting. Change the number to a higher integer. I used 6, just to see what would happen and it seems to be fast enough for me. You might want 7 for the "Rocket" setting. Save the file. Log out and log back in. Done.

I have not gone back into the MouseWorks System Preference since, as this might rewrite the plist file with the "Very fast" (5) setting (the fastest available in the popup menu) -- so set all of the other prefs for the trackball before you do this hack.
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Speed up MouseWorks' scroll ring scrolling
Authored by: BohrMe on Dec 07, '04 08:59:03PM

What I want to know is how I can adjust MouseWorks on my brand new (cheap!) Kensington 72121 so that while I'm playing Quake 3 Arena my gun fires on mouse-down and NOT mouse-up.

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altering mouse button behavior
Authored by: barryjaylevine on Dec 10, '04 12:52:06AM

I'm not a gamer at all so this may not be applicable. Shouldn't there be a pref in the game itself for the event that triggers the gunfire?

It might be possible to write a hack to translate a mouse-down into a mouse-up (if the game expects a mouse-up). Probably worth a post in the forums and certainly worth a Google search.

Good luck.

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altering mouse button behavior
Authored by: BohrMe on Jan 02, '05 12:58:33AM

I just removed the driver and let the default OS X driver take over to get it to work correctly. Q3A even recognizes the two side buttons ok.


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Speed up MouseWorks' scroll ring scrolling
Authored by: Frederico on Dec 07, '04 09:36:54PM

Be aware that the ScrollSpeed key is not written until you set the scroll speed at least once.

Be further aware that the scroll speed key will be different for each application profile (dictionary array) you create in MouseWorks beyond 'Default', and is actually a child element of the ScrollingData array.

This value can also be written via Terminal using 'defaults write', but the syntax for adjusting the correct array makes editing this in TextEdit or, better, Property List Editor, almost easier for most users.

Killing and restarting Mouseworks background is also more desirable to a logout/login for many users.

Nice hint, in any case.


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You can change the acceleration curve too!
Authored by: nickp on Dec 08, '04 09:42:37PM

I never use the scrollwheel myself (trackball, can't reach), but this hint inspired me to go hack something more important in my case: the pointer acceleration curve.

I have a large cinema display, and the fastest setting for rapid mouse movement was never fast enough to get all the way across. I'm somewhat hamfisted (apparently) and the default lowest setting for slow movement was too fast.

Translation: the default curves start sharply and then flatten out; what I wanted was a logarithmic increase.

Here's what I found out about com.kensington.mouseworks.plist :

There were three AccelTables of arrays, one for Mouse4, one for Mouse8, and one for TBall2. I hacked the latter. [I suspect you may see other things here as well, depending on what devices you have ever had connected to your system.]

Each table contains 9 arrays, each array corresponds to a curve in the default set of curves.

There is an index into the table which specifies which curve to use, in my case called Tball2AccelLevel. This is specified just before the tables.

I set my Tball2AccelLevel to "1", and changed the entries in the first array to this:


which gives more or less the log curve I wanted.

Nicely enough, the Kensington Mouseworks prefpane displays the hacked curve correctly! (And doesn't munge it -- at least not unless you change something.)

[The prefpane, BTW, does not seem to write changes until you exit it (say by going back to the "all" display in SysPreferences). BUT it also seems to write the file one last time if you quit out of SysPreferences (even if you've exited the prefpane). So if you are futzing around you need to completely quit SysPreferences before writing out your changes.]

This fixes what was one of the most irritating things about my setup, and I am grateful for the idea. Thanks!

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You can change the acceleration curve too!
Authored by: barryjaylevine on Dec 10, '04 12:41:58AM

Excellent tip!

Thank you, as well.


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