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Mac network access via Bluetooth on the Sprint Treo 650 Internet
Last week I received my brand-new Sprint Treo 650, a long-awaited update to the popular Treo line of smartphones. It's a wonderful device, but unfortunately Sprint chose to disable dial-up networking over Bluetooth. That means if I'm on the road, I'm unable to share the phone's Internet connection with my laptop. An official fix is said to be in the works, but in the meantime, there is a workaround. A resourceful Treo user found a way to hack his phone and re-enable dial-up networking over Bluetooth.

Although the hack works, it's a bit unstable and somewhat tricky to install properly. After seeing Bodoggy's tutorial for his Sony Ericsson phone, I decided to write one of my own for the Sprint Treo 650.
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Mac network access via Bluetooth on the Sprint Treo 650
Authored by: Fofer on Dec 08, '04 12:44:53PM

Thanks for the write-up. I did the same thing last week and am glad to have this ability for my PowerBook and Treo 650 when I travel. A couple of things I'd add though:

After installing the patch, I would consistently get a soft-reset on the Treo everytime I clicked "Setup Devices" in the Bluetooth preference screen. Apparently I wasn't alone with this: I followed the tip mentioned on TreoCentral's forum; installed the patch a second time, and that cleared it up. Who knows why, but it works!

Also, rather than downloading the patch directly from the web on the Treo and then using Filez to move it from the SD card to the Palm, another option is to email it to yourself from your Mac. Receive it on the Treo and then you'll get the option to install the attachment. That worked for me (with both VersaMail and SnapperMail) and seemed like a more straightforward way to do it.

(Just to make it clear to everyone else - the "standard" way of installing PRC's does not work. Perhaps because it would overwrite a file that's in use? But downloading via the web or receiving in email works fine.)

Lastly - while this writeup is great, one thing Mac users are currently missing out on with the Treo 650 is "reverse DUN." That is, the ability to tether our Treo 650's at home to our Mac's shared internet connection, for blazing speeds and other cool options (like SSH to, and shoutcast streaming, from the desktop.) I get great BT range so would love to use faster net access on the Treo when in the backyard. It's the next best thing to Wi-Fi! And just think, when a VOIP phone app arrives for Palm, we can use our Treo for free phone calls without using cell minutes.

There has been lots written about this "reverse DUN" topic in general, and how it works for PC users, but so far no one has shared how to do it successfully from a Mac:

If only Panther's Internet Sharing had the option to share TO Bluetooth, we'd be in much better business. But without that, folks are fiddling with all sorts of hoops and still no one that I know of has gotten it to work.

Sources of good info:

...and a script that might prove helpful:

A write-up for Treo 650 / Mac users on this front would be a great companion piece!

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Bluetooth File Exchange and Missing Sync
Authored by: thornrag on Dec 08, '04 02:22:07PM


- You can just use Bluetooth File Exchange to zap the new bluetooth manager .prc directly to your handheld. Select "Send File" from the Bluetooth menu, or open the utility direcly from the Utilities folder. This is assuming you've paired your Treo with your Mac.

This works great for sending anything under 10 MB to the Palm. To blazes with the cumbersome HotSync procedure.

- Missing Sync, from Mark/Space, provides "Reverse DUN" quite effectively.

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Bluetooth File Exchange and Missing Sync
Authored by: Fofer on Dec 08, '04 04:09:20PM

Thanks for the tip on Bluetooth file exchange. Good to know.

I hadn't even thought about Missing Sync's "Internet Sharing" -- duh -- but I just gave that a shot and it doesn't work (at least not via Bluetooth.) I turned it on, and then when I followed the Treo instructions to set up the BT network connection:

"Go into prefs
Click Connection (Under Other)
Connect to: [Local Network]
Via: [Bluetooth]
Device: [browse for the device]
Click Network (Under Communication)
Connection: [Select name of bt connection created]
Connect (to test it)"

... I got stuck on the [browse for the device] part. It didn't see any devices for network connections. However when I browse for devices for normal hotsycing it sees my Mac just fine.

I have a feeling Missing Sync's Internet Sharing is set up for sharing over USB only. The Treo 650 is new; give Mark/Space some time and I'll bet they'll get it working for BT as well.

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Bluetooth File Exchange and Missing Sync
Authored by: Fofer on Dec 08, '04 04:19:05PM

Double duh. (G-d how I wish I could go back and edit my previous comments.) Indeed, I got it working now - just had to select the "Internet Sharing" mode button. Then,

1) From the Missing Sync for Palm OS Help menu, select Internet Sharing Assistant. You can share the internet via a USB or Bluetooth connection.
2) Follow the steps in the wizard for the type of connection you plan to use.

Works great! I checked email without turning on the cell phone connection (was hella fast with 50 messages) and then browsed to with AvantGo and it loaded very, very quickly.

Soon I'll work around Blazer's proxy issue and all will be working perfectly. Thanks!

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