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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620 System
I won my online auction for a Nokia 6620! Boy was I excited! Until five minutes after I got the phone. And it didn't show up in iSync. Okay. I was dumb and I didn't double-check to make sure that the new Nokia 6620 would be supported by iSync. From what I'd heard, the 6620 was just an upgraded version of the 6600 for the US market with more memory, a better screen, etc etc. Well, that much was true -- but with a newer OS version and SyncML support instead of mRouter support, it broke iSync compatibility in a big way.

It's not a simple case of 'adding another script' to sync this phone (and other new ones); the low-level syncing protocols used between iSync and the phones have changed as the industry standard (SyncML) has been adopted. I can't say I 100% understand it, but see this page for more info.)

I'm assured (by the folks who know) that Apple hired a Symbian guy to work on SyncML support in the new iSync for Tiger. But until that happens, I was told there was only one way to synchronize my contacts: by hand, and one at a time. I have over 450 contacts. There's no way I was going to do that! Read the rest of the hint to learn how I managed to get my contacts from the Address Book over to the 6620, in one fell swoop.

Here's what I did:
  1. Downloaded a program called SmartvCard from SymbianWare. Unzipped it and used Bluetooth File Exchange (BFE) to send the .SIS file to my 6620. Installed the program to the memory card, etc. I at first used a trial version of the program (it's a full version and good for 15 days), but later ended up paying for it since I was so happy that it 'just worked.' It cost $6.95 on my credit card. I think that's a fair deal: seven bucks versus a two-hour-plus-long thumb workout!

  2. Went into Address Book's preferences and (temporarily) chose vCard format 2.1 for export. Version 3.0 will not work. So, you don't get pictures (life's tough :) ).

  3. Selected all the cards I wanted and exported them all to one .vcf file, then used BFE to send that file. Mine had 462 cards in it, but was only 96k. The v3.0 version was 2+MB, FWIW. This is one easy way to make sure you picked the right format. And it sends a lot quicker!

  4. Once the '1 new message!' popped up in my phone's Inbox, I didn't view it. Instead, I chose Options... and said 'Move to folder.' I put it in the default one, 'My folders.'

  5. Launched SmartvCard. I picked 'Import' and then browsed to C:systemMail and found my .vcf file. It chugged on this for a minute, then brought up a bunch of contacts. I chose 'Options' and said 'Import all.'

    Now, since I have multiple vCards for myself and a few others in my Address Book (some of us wear a few different hats!), SmartvCard asked if I wanted to import those duplicate entries, and I said no. However, it seemed to run across a lot of 'blank' entries which I wasn't entirely sure about, so I told it to skip those, too. I'm sure it'll become apparent only after I'm somewhere without my laptop and my phone doesn't have a crucial piece of information -- that's Murphy's Law. If I do find out what that's all about, I'll put it in a comment here.

    It said something about "Do you want to preserve your groups?" and I do use groups in Address Book, so I was hoping it would create those. But, no such luck. Perhaps if I try creating them on the phone ahead of time, or something ... more on that later, too.
Once it had finished (and after a dramatic pause near the end where I was almost sure my phone had crashed), I just exited the program and went to my Contacts. Voila!

Hope this is of some use to anyone out there who is considering purchasing a 6620 or (like me) already got one. It's a great phone and sure beats the heck out of the round keypad and limited internal memory of the 3650 it replaced! Besides, with luck, the new Tiger / iSync will support the phone and make this hint obsolete any day now...
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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620
Authored by: phredd on Nov 23, '04 01:58:35PM

...and much rejoicing was done by all...



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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620
Authored by: moliu on Nov 23, '04 02:15:49PM

has anyone else tried this? I'm planning to get a new phone, and would love to get one that's supported by apple, but it seems that it's going to be a while before they're going to update the phone list.

So with this, does it mean that all symbian nokia phones will work?

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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620
Authored by: simoneHints on Nov 24, '04 04:06:00AM

As far as I know most nokia symbian phones work natively with macOsX, moreover probably even the 6620 can work with it, but simply the iSynch conduit module for symbian phones simply misses it in the supported phones list.

A colleague of mine was an early buyer of the 6600 last year here in italy and he had it working, even if it wasn't still officially supported, patching the conduit or getting a patched one and replacing it, there is something about this around in symbian forums and similar, googling around a bit should be enough to find details. This is the page he referred to:

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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620
Authored by: moliu on Nov 24, '04 05:17:13AM

are you sure? My understanding is that the older nokia phones use "mRouter" for the sync process, and the new phones use the SyncML for the sync. There's differences between these two protocol which is why the new phones don't work naive as mentioned in the original hint...

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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620
Authored by: jasont on Nov 24, '04 12:14:37PM

The 6620 isn't so much an updated phone for the US market, as it's a 6600 w/ EDGE and the ATT/Cingular low GSM freq (850 or something like that) and a few minor mods. The 6600 is the T-Mobile USA offering. This 'quad' band system isn't likely to change. The 6600 definitely uses the mrouter protocol to its advantage (1: that's how the symbian kit for windows works, 2: activating the mrouter kit in the sync framework results in a MUCH higher throughput via the bt interface on older isync versions). The new phone SHOULD sync because both the 6600 AND the 6620 can:

"Synchronize your contacts and calendar using SyncML or Nokia PC Suite5"

Unfortunately a lot of things aren't currently running on the 6620 that should be so I'd hope for nokia to get a firmware revision out soon (too bad we don't have service centres on every street).

I think it's a matter of the phone being updated to the db and 'support for non-conforming' phones being on so that even if you get the wrong phone model and icon (w/in the symbain 7s 60 series platform), you can still get a sync.

There may be an easier way to do this w/ fexplorer, but the contact set is horrible. This is a good tip for people who can't get sync.

Check allaboutsymbian for more on this phone and syncing.

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Blank Entries
Authored by: Bodoggy on Nov 24, '04 07:53:07AM

Hi there,

Just a thought. The blank contacts you mentioned may have been company only entries. I found that entering a company name only and ticking "company" in Address Book resulted in a copied value of ".." for first and last name in my Sony Ericsson K700i. A workaround is to add a first and last name that is an abbreviated company name to be copied to your phone.

Just a guess. Let me know if this is the case.

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Think twice before buying a Nokia 6620
Authored by: Corum on Dec 08, '04 10:00:59AM

I bought a 6620 last month when my old but very reliable 6360 died, and every time I use the 6620, I regret buying it.

This is the 5th Nokia phone I've had over the last 5 years, and it is by far the slowest. The Symbian software takes a painfully long time to start up, takes more clicks to do simple actions (e.g. switching between predictive text and non-predictive text used to be transparent, but now you have to click into a submenu and then wait for a confirmation popup window to tell you that you changed your settings), is lacking in basic functions (e.g. you can't change the type of a contact number easily -- old Nokia phones gave you a list of number types like Home, Work, Fax and Mobile, but the 6620 phone makes you re-type "Mobile" every time you want to make that change).

Anyway, if you fell in love with Nokia because of their well designed phone interface, you will not recognise the 6620. The Symbian OS feels nothing like the old Nokia you might be used to, and suffers the typical symptoms of bloatware.

Yes, Bluetooth works, but you can only send one file at a time. I only bought this phone because I decided I was getting too old to re-enter all my contacts again, but it actually took longer to move 200 contacts over to the new 6620 than it would have taken to re-enter them by hand. I didn't know about the vCard 2.1 fix, so I tried exporting normal vCards and sending them to the phone via Bluetooth (the phone only accepted individual cards, and even then it did not save the type of phone number). Accepting each address and adding it to the address book would have taken 1200 button clicks (the 6620 does nothing in bulk), and I quickly realized that the phone did not recognize any vCards with accented characters in them. After that failed, I tried exporting contacts from Mac OS X, moving them to a PC Outlook address book, then setting up a direct sync with the phone. This worked, and worked quickly, but despite the sync settings it duplicated every number in the phone (because the phone and Outlook use different field names). I finally gave up on sync altogether when I realized that a deleted contact in the phone would not reappear after an Outlook-to-phone sync (the sync software reports the contact has been added, but it never appears in the phone).

Sorry for the rambling post -- I look forward to trying this fix, but even if it works, anyone out there considering buying a Nokia 6620 should go to a store and try using the interface to do typical things like changing a phone number type and writing a text message. The 6620 is the worst Nokia I've ever had, and that is directly due to the poorly designed Symbian OS.

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Think twice before buying a Nokia 6620
Authored by: Corum on Dec 08, '04 11:07:38AM

Update: I followed the instructions in the original post, and it worked just fine ... wish I'd known about this three weeks ago.

I had some new contacts in my phone, so first I used the SmartvCard app to export those, then sent them to my Mac with Bluetooth, imported them to Address Book, cleaned things up, exported back to a 2.1 .vcf file (you must use the ".vcf" extension or the phone will not recognise the file), sent that file back to the phone, then saved that file to "My Documents" (which is actually C:/System/Mail).

It's also possible to delete all contacts before you import: go to contacts, then options, then Mark All, then Delete. Then you can go back to SmartvCard and import all. The import file is in C:/System/Mail and might have a temporary name -- just look for the .vcf file with the highest number.

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Think twice before buying a Nokia 6620
Authored by: scribble on Jan 29, '05 10:18:33PM

I, too, was pissed when I brought the phone home. No iSync, no hope. Thanks for this tip - at least I now have my contacts on the phone - hopefully, with, Tiger, we'll be able to upload an .ics file that will work.

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Think twice before buying a Nokia 6620
Authored by: mace on Mar 05, '05 12:56:13PM

Hey Corum, I got the 6620 a couple of weeks ago, and it can do almost all of the things you said it couldn't.

For switching in and out of predictive text, just click the # key twice. You can also send multiple files at the same time - you just have to mark each one and then choose send. You can mark them in the options menu, or by holding down edit and pushing the D-pad. I don't really know what you're talking about with changing the types of a number - when I create a new contact, it has pre-labeled fields for phone, mobile, fax, and e-mail, and you can get other pre-labeled fields (like mobile (home), mobile (work), etc) through the menu.

I haven't messed with the iSync problem yet, since I don't use address book on my computer, but I would like to find a way to use the phone as a modem over bluetooth - not being able to do this is my only disappointment with this phone so far.

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Error in my original post
Authored by: Thom on Mar 08, '05 11:05:38PM
Sorry, I hadn't seen the thing when posting about 'preserving special characters.'

The actual path should be


Also, some people wrote and said that moving the file to 'My folders' didn't work, so try looking for the file while it's still in the Inbox.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope this is helpful.

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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620
Authored by: Thom on Mar 08, '05 11:17:36PM

Man, I'm just on a roll tonight. Someone else reported that the file didn't actually show up in that directory until after they'd viewed the message in the inbox.

So, ignore my step #4 and maybe go ahead and try opening the message first, then back out, etc etc.


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Copy Address Book contacts to a Nokia 6620
Authored by: blakeb4 on Apr 08, '05 12:38:09PM

Thanks for the tips! ...but it's not so smooth on my end :(

After first installing SmartVCard, I was able to see the saved vcard file in C:\system\mail ...but that was a vcard v3.0 file. I deleted that one as well as the cryptic folders \system\mail - nothing to lose, eh.

So, I resent an exported file in v.2.1 format. It's only ~ 200kb.

If I try to open the message, I get the "memory full try closing some apps..." message!! Then, I save without opening to "my folders" and it's there but when navigating to it in SmartVCard, nothing is there.

I've re-exported several times without success...ugh!! I've been going 4mths with the 6600 lacking iSync. I only spent $340 on this model rather than a newer one because Apple promotes on their iSync page!!! Come on Tiger. They could at least state that v.5.2.7 firmware doesn't work.

Any tips on freeing memory or getting around that error?

There doesn't appear to be any option to save the vcard file elsewhere - like external memory or another folder even. I'm at a loss. The phone shows 3.519mb out of 5.996 free. I've deleted EVERYTHING I can find.

Thanks. Blake

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It appears that this hint is now officially defunct
Authored by: Thom on Apr 29, '05 02:11:09PM

As of today (Apple releases 'Tiger', OS X 10.4), the iSync device compatibility list now includes the Nokia 6620. Though I have not tried it out myself yet, I can only assume that it will 'just work', as most Apple stuff does when they say it will.

Therefore this hint is probably no longer necessary. Thanks to everyone for all of the great emails and it was nice meeting you...!

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