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Assign MX700 mouse keys to Exposť Apps
If you are like me and read before reading the manual, you may come up with the problem of not being able to assign the mouse keys of the Logitech MX700 Mouse with Exposť. So for all you manual haters, here is how:
  1. You go into Logitech's Control Center in the menu and Assign the Action "Advanced Click" to the button you want, and assign it a Button Number.
  2. After that, you go to Exposť and assign the same button number to your Exposť function.
Voila, it works.
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Assign MX700 mouse keys to Exposť
Authored by: Tulse on Nov 22, '04 10:48:56AM
I like using the default function keys for Exposť as well, so I did things a little differently with my MX500:
  • First, in Exposť preferences, change the default keys to something else (anything will do). This prevents Exposť from activating when you press the default keys, and thus you can specify them in the Logitech preferences.

  • Then, in the Logitech preferences, assign buttons to the default keys.

  • Return to the Exposť preferences, and change the keys back to their defaults.

By following this procedure, the usual Exposť keyboard keys will work, but you will also be able to activate it through the assigned mouse buttons as well. I can't take credit for this hint, as it comes from a fabulous Mac OS X tips site. :-)

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I second parent - it's how I do it
Authored by: Kylector on Nov 22, '04 11:46:31AM

I follow the same steps described by the parent. Remove the hotkey from Expose, set it in the logitech control center, then reassign in expose.

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No Tricks Needed at All
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 22, '04 12:15:04PM

I don't know if the MX700 is different than my MX900, but I didn't install the Logitech Control Center at all. The mouse works fine with the default Apple drivers. More importantly, the Expose System Preferences pane recognizes mouse buttons 3-8 (without having to remap any of the default keyboard settings).

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USB Overdrive
Authored by: neighorn on Nov 22, '04 12:29:37PM

Yeah, the Logitech software is pretty weak. I gave on it and installed USB Overdrive, which is great once you get past its interface. I don't think it works with the bluetooth MX900, however.

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No Tricks Needed at All
Authored by: gdsimms on Nov 22, '04 01:30:51PM

I do the same with an MX500, but I think the bluetooth mice work differently.

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No Tricks Needed at All
Authored by: tersono on Nov 23, '04 01:30:08AM

Yup - all of the logitech MX series mice work fine with the standard OS X driver (actually work better - Logitech's Control center is kinda buggy).

I've got an MX310, an MX700 and an MX900 all operating expose here just fine without Control Center installed - I just assigned the extra buttons to expose using the expose prefpane in the normal way.

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No Tricks Needed at All
Authored by: beetwozero on Nov 26, '04 11:06:17AM

That's cool, but how about using the back and forward keys in Finder? Any way of doing that without the Logitech control panel?

I assign Cmd-[ and Cmd-] to the back and forward buttons respectively to get this. This means they work in both Safari (and Firefox, etc) and in the Finder.

LCC is buggy - if I unplug my MX500 from my hub and plug it directly into the iBook, it no longer recognizes the customizations I've made. Grrr.

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How to get "Switch to Finder" ?
Authored by: jprickitt on Dec 26, '04 04:26:44PM

I used a Microsoft mouse until switching to an MX1000. I had assigned one key to "Switch to Finder" so I could see all my open folders with a button-click. Anyone know how I'd do this with Logitech Control Center? Or another solution? Thanks for any advice.

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