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A temporary fix for incompatible Firefox 1.0 extensions Web Browsers
I found this hint (in the comments area of the Close Tab on Double Click extension page) when searching for a way to fix my (displeasingly numerous) extensions that weren't compatible with Firefox 1.0.

To get old extensions to work with the new version of Firefox, type about:config in the location bar and hit return, and you'll have access to all the config preferences in Firefox. Look for the one named app.extension.version and change it to a prior version of Firefox. The comment on the page says to try 0.10, but I found 0.9.0 to work for more of my extensions.

Make sure you use the right format for the version number. 0.90, for instance, doesn't work, and neither does .1. I'm not quite sure on the format (since 0.10 works but 0.90 doesn't), but you can play around with it until you find the right combination.

Obviously, this is only a temporary fix until all the extensions have been sufficiently updated, and I make no guarantees that it won't create conflicts in Firefox (Mozilla probably made Firefox incompatible with those extensions for a reason). However, I've been using it with 0.9.0 for a few days and have noticed no problems. If you're like me, and find you can't live without that one particular extension, this might restore your happy web-browsing experience.
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Still can't get Googlebar to install
Authored by: maddys_daddy on Nov 12, '04 04:17:47PM
After I installed 1.0 Final and found that my beloved GoogleBar didn't work, I decided to uninstall it, and try to reinstall it, among many other techniques to get it to work. I never could get it installed. And now, this hint has helped me get all of my other extensions working right, (THANK YOU!!!!), but I still can't get GoogleBar installed. Whenever I click this link, it successfully downloads, I get through the two "all users" screens (trying all combinations), and then I get the "GoogleBar has been successfully installed...yada yada...restart Firefox..." dialog. But when I click OK in that one, the next dialog is a sheet in the extensions window that says
Firefox could not download the file at
because: Unexpected error -203
Does anyone else have GB working in 1.0 final, and if so, HOW????
Oh, and one other thing I noticed after employing this hint was that the "hand" cursor doesn't appear on many links. Works on some, not on others. Wierd.

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I GOT IT!!!!
Authored by: maddys_daddy on Nov 12, '04 04:41:43PM
Okay, after posting here, I did a little more digging. The notice at the top of this pagey says, "The googlebar version compatible with Firefox 1.0 is version, see above to download." But there's nothing "above" to see or link to. So I did some digging in the googlebar mailing list, and found this linky which has! (Use the one called XPI-firefox-1.0.xpi) Download and installed, and viola! I have my googlebar back! Hope this helps someone else.

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I GOT IT!!!!
Authored by: Fofer on Nov 13, '04 02:02:24PM

Thanks for the link, maddys daddy. Indeed, it seems like until many of Mozilla/Firefox's extensions don't update via the manager, and instead the user must "track down" the pages of their favorites. Your sleuthing saved me lots of time.

I held out on updating to the 1.0 release due to 4-5 extension holdouts. (I'd prefer "real" updates and not kludges such as this hint.) With googlebar now updated, I searched for the others and have pretty much gotten them all up-to-date and now compatible. Cool.

Sadly, the BugMeNot extension is still listed as incompatible and the author's intro is somewhat anti-Mac:

Any alternatives out there?

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Still can't get Googlebar to install
Authored by: tasker on Nov 12, '04 05:42:41PM

Use this site:

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Still can't get Googlebar to install
Authored by: maddys_daddy on Nov 12, '04 10:28:08PM

Um, yeah, this is the exact page I linked to in my post above. This is the page that says that the proper version for 1.0 final is, without any links or instructions for getting this version. That's why I had to dig. And that's why I posted my solution, along with the link to the directory where this version can be found. Thanks for paying attention, though.

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Still can't get Googlebar to install
Authored by: ts0003 on Nov 13, '04 09:22:51AM

When I do a Google search with the Googlebar, all the terms show up at the extreme right end of the Googlebar. On Windows and Linux, I can click the yellow marker and the terms all get highlighted in different colors on the web page. On Mac OS X, nothing happens. Why is this? Is there a way to fix it?

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Still can't get Googlebar to install
Authored by: Fofer on Nov 13, '04 02:50:46PM

I updated, and GoogleBar's "highlight" feature doesn't work for me either now - but Firefox's built in one does. Just hit command-F as if you're going to search for something, and a new panel appears on the bottom. Type in your word and then click on "highlight."

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Still can't get Googlebar to install
Authored by: maddys_daddy on Nov 13, '04 04:12:03PM

Holy crap, in all the hubbub of the upgrade, fixing incompatible extensions, etc., I didn't notice that one of the coolest features of GoogleBar isn't working! I don't have time right now, but someone should submit this as a bug report to both the Firefox team and Googlebar team, since it's too hard to tell where this bug actually lies. Oh well, like the other guy pointed out, at least FF's find/highlight feature still works.

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Anyone know hot to do this for Themes?
Authored by: jonahlee on Nov 15, '04 11:53:55PM

I want to get the last version of Qute for Mac to install as I hate the Pinstripe Default theme, but I don't see a setting for themes, but I might just be missing it.

- Jonah Lee

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