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Restore relative dates in Mail Apps
I feel silly submitting this one, but since I spent 20 minutes trying to find the answer, I figured I might save someone else some time.

A client emailed me that he lost his relative dates in his "Date Received" column in Mail. All he could see was the numeric date (and not "Today" or "Yesterday"). I remembered seeing a pref somewhere for "Use relative dates," and so went looking for it in Mail-->Preferences (not there), so I went poking around the "International" and "Date & Time" preferences panels (nope). Then it hit me ... maybe this was a column sizing issue. I tried shrinking my own "Date Received" column and sure enough only numeric dates appeared (11/7/04). Problem solved.

Additional Moral-of-the-Story: I would not have wasted my time had I actually SEEN the clients screen instead of going by his description.
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Restore relative dates in Mail
Authored by: monickels on Nov 10, '04 12:51:01PM

Of course, this can also lead to the strangeness that I have in Mail, where I get the dates for everything except that from the previous day, which is all marked "Yesterday.'

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Restore relative dates in Mail
Authored by: dogboy on Nov 10, '04 01:32:05PM

Great. I was having the same trouble. Duh! Thanks :-)

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Restore relative dates in Mail
Authored by: kajh on Oct 07, '05 09:29:21AM

This hint does not seems to work in Mail in Tiger. Anyone here found a way get non relative dates instad of today and tomorrow in Mail in Tiger?


-Kaj :)

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I have another one:
Authored by: hamarkus on Nov 10, '04 01:45:34PM

Do you know how to move your mailboxes drawer from the left to the right side? Good, move the Mail window to the left of the screen, so that the drawer aligns with the screen edge (assuming your drawer is on the left side). Switch the drawer to the right, and move the Mail window a tiny little bit to the left.

Now, try to move the drawer back to the left...

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I have another one:
Authored by: ClassicUser on Nov 10, '04 08:40:27PM
Um, this wasn't a serious question, was it? I mean, the process is exactly the same as moving the mailbox display to the right:
  • View -> Hide Mailboxes (Cmd-Shift-M)
  • Move the viewer window to the opposite side of the screen from where the mailbox list is desired (i.e. if you want mailboxes on the left, move the browser window to the right, leaving enough room on the left for the list to be displayed)
  • View -> Show Mailboxes

Pretty simple... The Mailboxes are displayed on whichever side of the viewer window where there is room to actually display it...

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Yes, it is very simple, however...
Authored by: hamarkus on Nov 11, '04 05:31:48PM

Naturally, everything is quite logical and straightforward. Except that moving the drawer from right to left and vice versa is done by trying to drag a message to the right or to the left, a feature which might be intuative but is not documented and for which there is no menu command or right-click menu command.

In my case, I accidentally discovered this feature and suddenly ended up with my drawer on the right side. Although I had a hunch how I did it or rather remembered faintly how to do it, I did not manage to move to the drawer back to the left. I tried to press different modifier keys, looked for menu commands, searched the internet for instructions, I simply did not manage to do it, and only because in the beginning my drawer sitting on left side was a tiny little bit outside of my screen area. Which means I could move it to the right but not back to the left.

I thought all that time that I'm not using the proper command, it never occured to me that there might not be enough space on the left side since the drawer had been there before.

The conclusion is that this command is not well documented, there is no menu command for it, and that Apple is not allowing you to move the drawer to the side one wants to put it, even if the edge of the drawer might be littel bit off-screen.

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