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Merge two or more photos into one with iPhoto Apps
This is a pretty simple hint, but it came in handy and I thought it was worth mentioning. I was recently looking for a quick way to merge two photos together in iPhoto. Unfortunately, as far as I know, iPhoto has no way of doing this.

So, I opened up the two photos I wanted to merge, placed them side by side and resized them to my preference . (Make sure your iPhoto preference for the "Double-Click" option is set to "Opens in separate window".) Next, I took a selective screenshot (Cmd+Shift+4) of the two pictures. Since the screenshot is saved as a .pdf file, you need to open it up in Preview and export it as a JPEG (File -> Export), or whatever you like. Finally, click on "Options" and set the Quality slider to "Best". Click "OK", then "Save" and you've got yourself a merged picture.
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Merge two or more photos into one with iPhoto
Authored by: nodmonkey on Oct 27, '04 03:03:00PM

Won't this reduce the quality of the image parts, because the size of the images as displayed on a monitor is likely to be a fair few pixels smaller in size than the original image files? When you take a snapshot of the side-by-side display, the combined image will be of much lower resolution. Not only that, but the PDF will get converted to JPG again, so losing more quality (a little).

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You will lose pixels in the process...
Authored by: allanBook on Oct 27, '04 04:00:37PM

Perhaps this is fine for having merged photos for viewing on the computer.

However, when you're using this process to merge high resolution photos such as photos that are 300dpi and print out at 4"x6" (i.e. 1200x1800 pixels), there is now way that a screen capture of your computer screen will capture all that resolution.
Of course, I guess people who really care about putting two photos together and keeping the quality and proper dpi would just take the two photos into apps like Photoshop and would not even use the screenshot approach anyway.

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Better Way With ImageMagick
Authored by: escowles on Oct 27, '04 07:10:59PM
A better way to do this is to use ImageMagick's montage command:
    montage +frame +shadow +label -tile 2x1 left.jpg right.jpg merged.jpg

This will merge the two images at full resolution into a new image called merged.jpg. And, if you have a large image broken up into a lot of tiles, you can use montage to combine any grid of images. Just update the -tile argument to the grid size (e.g. 8x6 for 8 across and 6 down), and then list all the files, with the output filename last.


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