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Use iChatAV with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modems Apps
It seems the 510 modem has standard NAT bindings for some protocols. The SIP protocol is bound to port 5060. Because of this, iChatAV cannot connect with audio/video, and you get either a timeout or connection failure. Examining the "connection doctor" log reveals it uses a private network IP number to connect. Obviously, this will not work.

The solution is simply to telnet to the ADSL modem and remove this binding:
Connected to speedtouch
Escape character is '^]'.
Username : root
Password : ********
... welcome message trimmed
Unbind the SIP protocol and reboot the modem:
=>nat unbind application=SIP port=5060
=>config save
=>system reboot
To check whether the SIP protocol is bound in your modem use this command to show the list of bindings (only showing SIP here):
=>nat bindlist
Application  Proto Port
SIP          udp   5060
Now ichatAV should have no trouble connecting with audio and video!
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Use iChatAV with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modems
Authored by: hedgepig on Oct 21, '04 03:03:26PM

usually the provider is the only one who has the password to the modem, so this tip is somewhat useless.

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Use iChatAV with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modems
Authored by: flipflop on Oct 21, '04 03:09:51PM

Nope; the password is what YOU specified at config time. You did so, didn't you?

BTW the config worked as advertised at my setup (taht is, the commands and responses), didn't have a chance to test it yet though.

Sid note: apparently skype is much smarter here, as this spplication worked flawlessly through my NAT setup, including the Yhompson 510.

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Use iChatAV with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modems
Authored by: patrekur on Oct 21, '04 05:55:29PM

The password is whatever you defined it to be (through the webinterface). If you didn't put in one just press "enter".

By the way this ADSL modem is made by Thomson and/or Alcatel.

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The 510's Password
Authored by: jgc on Oct 22, '04 06:33:07AM

As I recall, my 510 arrived with its password set to the modem's serial number. Took me a while to find that out at first.

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username and password for SpeedTouch
Authored by: macaroma on Oct 22, '04 09:30:58AM

Username: root
password: root

this is the defaults username and password

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Use iChatAV with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modems, simplified ;-)
Authored by: El_Oy on Oct 22, '04 11:08:44AM
A somewhat easier solution for the non-techies,
which we get a lot of in the store that I work at:

- Type the IP address of your modem in your favorite webbrowser.
For the speedtouch 510 this will most probably be something like:
(Maybe someone who has such a speedtouch can confirm this?)

- There should be a option to backup your configuration file,
save the file to your desktop.

- Open this file with your favorite texeditor (I believe that textedit will do,
cause it will save it as a flat text file...)
And find the line where it says:
bind application=SIP port=5060
Remove this line and save your file.

- Back to your webbrowser, go to the same page where you could backup
configuration file and choose to upload a configuration file.
When prompted select the file from your desktop that you edited.
This will overwrite the current settings,
so be warned!

- Your modem might have to be restarted after this, but this trick should do
the same as the telnet trick.
However I do not own a speedtouch modem, I just have a lot of customers
with this problem. So if you own one and can look up the exact names of
the menus that these options, like backup & upload, are in please reply.



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You have the wrong IP
Authored by: t3hl33t on Oct 27, '04 07:38:25AM

Actually, the ip would be is the ip for my router, and most other routers.

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Use iChatAV with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modems
Authored by: CrazyJack on Oct 22, '04 05:19:59PM

Funny, my Speedtouch 510 has always just worked fine with iChat AV. Never needed to change anything. The default configuration of my provider has the line :
bind application=SIP port=5060
in it, yet iChat just works?

What is this hint about? I do not see the problem?

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Use iChatAV with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modems
Authored by: patrekur on Oct 22, '04 06:49:40PM

Well, actually sometimes it does work out of the box. But the behaviour seems to be eratic. In two instances I encountered that it worked at first and then suddenly it didn't work anymore. This tip solves that problem.

So you might be lucky. But remember this tip if it suddenly stops working!

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