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Dial out of FileMaker Pro in Panther Apps
I submitted a hint a few years ago on how to dial out of FileMaker Pro (FMP) in OSX. Krioni improved it in April 2002. However, neither AppleScript would work under Panther. Reader Sreubart identified it as a Panther bug with Internet Connect in Aug 2004. I have since solved it. First, download dialModemOSAX.osax scripting addition (direct download link) from javier_diaz_r's .mac homepage, and place it in the /Library -> ScriptingAdditions folder.

Next, open FMP, go to Scrips -> ScripMaker and click New for a new script. Double-click the "Perform AppleScript" command in the left window. Double-click the "Perform AppleScript command" in the top right window, and when the window opens, make sure Native AppleScript is selected and paste in the following:
-- change what's in the quotes below
property thePrefix: "YOUR PREFIX"
property thePhoneFieldName: "YOUR PHONE FIELD NAME"
initModem "/dev/cu.modem" with "~^M~AT&F1E0S7=45S0=0L2^M"
tell application "FileMaker Pro"
  set theNumber to thePrefix & 
   (cell thePhoneFieldName of current record)
  ignoring application responses
dial modem "ATDT"&theNumber
  end ignoring
  display dialog thenumber & return & 
   "Dialing in Progress:   Disconnect?" 
   buttons {"Disconnect"} default button 1 giving up after 10
  hang up
end tell
Close everything up and run the script.
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Doesn't appear to work
Authored by: jason mark on Oct 31, '04 10:52:37AM

I haven't spent much time debugging it. There's definitely a missing after

set theNumber to thePrefix &

But even when that is fixed it doesn't appear to work on my machine.

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Dial out of FileMaker Pro in Panther
Authored by: LeeH on Nov 16, '04 01:44:54PM


You are right, there is a missing after thePrefix &. It got lost when the emailed hint was reformated to fit into the space on the web page I expect.

However, as far as not working on your machine, not sure why. Assume you are running Panther and have installed the Dial scripting addition mentioned in the first paragraph of the hint. Possibly the developer of the scripting addition might be able to help

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Dial out of FileMaker Pro in Panther
Authored by: peterrosen on Jun 02, '05 01:42:09AM


I put in the extra return,

then I tried to impliment your script in FMP 7. First it caused Classic to open then launched a sys 9 copy of Filemaker Pro (old version). then crashed in FMP sys9. I re/moved the old software and now get an error message in FMP 7 OSX: "an error of type -2 has occured." What to do???

Sys 10.3.9 1.67 PWRBK

Did I do something wrong? How can I make it work?

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Dial out of FileMaker Pro in Panther
Authored by: techdude on Feb 22, '05 04:51:05PM

Is there a way for this to use the speaker instead of the modem?

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