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Import bookmarks into Firefox Web Browsers
Firefox's themes and extensions make it a serious contender for Coolest Browser Around, but there's been one serious obstacle for OS X users who would like to give it a whirl: a bug prevents the user from importing bookmarks from a file. Selecting "Manage Bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu, then "Import..." from the file menu, produces a dialogue that offers to import either from Netscape etc. or from a plain old text file. Problem is, for OS X users, selecting "import from file" and then clicking "next" produces... no results at all.

Fortunately, as of this writing the vigilant Firefox crew have noticed and patched the bug in their most recent nightly release. First, export your bookmarks to a file (this worked for me using Camino, export to HTML). Then go to The Burning Edge (which tracks nightly Firefox builds) and download the official Mac branch build. Run it and import the bookmarks. Then, depending on how risk-averse you are, you can continue to use the nightly build, or you can quit, throw it out, and run the most recent official release instead. Either will recognize your imported bookmarks.

[robg adds: I just noticed this bug last week when trying to bring over some Safari bookmarks; nice to see it fixed. Running nightlies is typically not the most stable thing you can do; I would recommend using the install-run-import-revert method for most users.]
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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: d00d on Oct 18, '04 12:08:06PM

Alternatively, avoid nightlies all together as well as making an intermediate file by using Safari Bookmark Exporter.

Quick, easy, and free.

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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: tinker on Oct 18, '04 02:25:32PM

Does Safari Bookmark do Camino too?

A follow-up: in the few days since I wrote this, I've used it on three machines. It worked without incident on two. On the third, I couldn't launch the stable build after switching back. Not quite sure why. I had to

*remove the bookmarks.html file from ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/(random-characters).default/,
* trash the ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/ folder,
* launch Firefox again,
* quit, and
* replace the default bookmarks.html file that it creates in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/(different-random-characters).default/ with the one I'd removed from the old file.

A little annoying. So caveat emptor.

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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: mike3k on Oct 18, '04 03:09:54PM

I use URL Manager Pro to copy bookmarks between browsers. I grab bookmarks from my current browser and save it to the new browser. I manage to keep my bookmarks pretty well synchronized between Safari, Camino, and Firefox that way.

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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: tollie on Oct 18, '04 06:17:12PM
I simply export the file from the Safari Debug Menu (I use TinkerTool to enable it.) directly on top of the Firefox bookmarks.html file (~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/default.???/bookmarks.html) when Firefox isn't running.

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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: ankh on Oct 18, '04 09:32:12PM

I exported both as plain text and as Netscape 4 (from the office Windows machine) and tried both -- and either of those went into Firefox just fine months ago.

Bookmarks are text (html) -- as the person before me said, figure out where the Firefox bookmarks are kept and you can just drop them in there and they'll be recognized and worked with afterwards.

Unless I'm forgetting some trick, which is always possible.

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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: gab on Jun 03, '05 08:28:58AM
A disadvantage of installing the latest firefox nightly build is that it seems to do something to your local firefox data, such as extensions. Besides, it didn't work either, i.e., it was unable to parse the bookmarks i exported from Opera.

So i did the following:
1. Export the Bookmarks from Opera as HTML; this yields a file opera6.html.
2. In a Terminal (Unix shell), go to that file and type

     grep -e '<dd>' -e '<dt>' -e '<dl>' -e '</dl>' -e '</dd>' opera6.html > qq.html

3. Edit qq.html in your favorite editor, do this:
a) insert a
at the very first line;
b) append
at the very last line;
c) replace all occurences of


In vim, this would be done by the following two substitute commands:


Save this as qqq.html. Now you can import the file qqq.html in firefox 1.0.2.

There seems to be a bug in opera's bookmark export. The toplevel folder structure is not correct, so you would have to fix that after importing the bookmarks by hand in firefox. HTH, gabriel.

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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: bslade on Jul 07, '05 10:12:44AM
I just tried installing Firefox 1.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.4.1 with Mozilla 1.8b1 previously installed, and Firefox seems to import bookmarks from itself, instead of from Mozilla.

This is eventhough it goes through an import dialog (via File->Import) where it says it's going to import everything from pre-existing Mozilla or Netscape installation.

Are there any bugs open in for this?

Ben in DC
PublicMailbox at benslade dot com

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Import bookmarks into Firefox
Authored by: bslade on Jul 07, '05 10:25:50AM

Never mind. This was just a whoops on my part. It actually worked fine.


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