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Open media files (.vwx) to find sources Internet
Media files aimed at one particular type of media player (often Windows Media Player) can be a nuisance if you cannot or do not wish to install that player. What often happens when you click those links is that a small file is downloaded to your system, as a preparation for the body of the media file to come through. After this, the process stops.

However, I discovered it is worth the effort to examine that small file with a hex-editor (such as HexEdit). Very often, the file contains the URL of the server that offers the (streaming) media file. Once you have obtained that information, most media players allow you to type in that URL and view the desired content after all -- not automatically, but with an acceptable amount of extra work.

I found it worked with a .vxw file containing an URL to an .wmv file, which I was able to play in Mplayer for OSX.
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Open media files (.vwx) to find sources
Authored by: treck on Oct 08, '04 11:54:48AM

Why don't you just do a 'Get Info' on a .vwx file, tell it to open with whatever viewer you want, then change all.

Now when the file is downloaded by your browser it will hand it to your desired viewer.


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Open media files (.vwx) to find sources
Authored by: bbit on Oct 08, '04 02:40:34PM

Well, that could be handy.
Just hadn't thought of it, really.

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Open media files (.vwx) to find sources
Authored by: blackxacto on Oct 08, '04 10:38:52PM

To download Hexedit, is there a way to access it without signing up at SourceForge, then forking out cash, not that I mind, but?

You'll never know which way to look, which way to see us.

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Open media files (.vwx) to find sources
Authored by: kps on Oct 09, '04 10:55:17AM
Er, what?!?
  1. Follow the HexEdit link in the story.
  2. The Download link on the HexEdit page takes you to the list of files available for download.
  3. Pick the most recent version hexedit_190.sit and you get a list of mirror sites hosting the file.
  4. Pick a mirror by following the link in the 'Download' column. For example, Voxel seems closest to me, so that link is which redirects to
What part of that went wrong?

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Open media files (.vwx) to find sources
Authored by: EddEdmondson on Oct 11, '04 05:17:32AM

'strings' can sometimes be handy for extracting text from files like this. Try opening a Terminal, and doing 'strings [filename]' or 'strings [filename] |less'. It might not always work, but it can be a nice quick way to search for URLs in a binary file.

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Open media files (.vwx) to find sources
Authored by: genericuser on Feb 04, '05 11:31:16AM

You know that these .wvx and .wax files are just ASCII, right? Don't bother with HexEditor, just use TextEdit or BBEdit or emacs or the text editor of your choice.

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