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A couple of possible solutions for iChat AV problems Apps
Over the last two months, I've had two perplexing problems with iChat and Audio/Video conferencing -- and managed to fix them. I thought I'd post the solutons in case anyone else was suffering from these issues but couldn't work out what was happening:
  1. The Black video screen:
    If you have pithHelmet installed, and your video camera won't show anything other than a black screen, then you may have an old version of SIMBL installed. Solution: Install the latest version of PithHelmet.

  2. Can't start AV chats with anyone:
    If you run a VOIP softphone, then it can clash with iChat -- they both use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and may use the same ports. Whenever I have X-Lite running, incoming or outgoing AV chats will fail to connect with the error "Failed to start because the other party cancelled" or "Failed to start because the other party did not respond." Solution: Quit the softphone while using iChat for AV chats.
Hope these simple tips help others who may be having problems...
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A couple of possible solutions for iChat AV problems
Authored by: jbattx on Oct 06, '04 11:48:05AM

I'm unable to start audio chats with certain folks, and unable to start video chats with others, and both problems with others. I've had troubles trouble-shooting this. I am using iChatUSBCam and Application Enhancer with a Macally IceCam as suggested in MacWorld May 2004 MacBeat.

Is there a bug I'm missing here?

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A couple of possible solutions for iChat AV problems
Authored by: Fofer on Oct 06, '04 01:17:07PM

Sounds to me like you have a router problem; have you opened the appropriate ports on your router? If so, consider a different router that can more intelligently route the incoming and outgoing traffic. I have the LinkSys WRT54G and it works great with no special attention. (It also is a favorite because the firmware is open-source so you can enhance it with third party software, but that's besides the point.) Anyway, I have seen setups with iChat AV connection problems, and they're using crappy or older routers. They install a LinkSys WRT54G router, stock config, and voila -- iChat AV problems are gone.

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A couple of possible solutions for iChat AV problems
Authored by: nhl00 on Oct 09, '04 02:18:23PM

Never having heard of PithHelmet before, I doubt that I have it installed (though I'll check when I get home). I have a problem that my camcorder (Canon ZR50) shows up as a black screen in iChat.
The only work around that I've found is to start iChat, start iMovie, import a 1 second clip to iMovie. Quit iMovie, check iChat for good video connection. If I repeat the process I can usually get a video signal from the ZR50 in about 30 minutes. [A rare case of not "it just works"].
I'm curious how you tracked the problem back to PithHelmet? Maybe I can use some of your sleuth skillz to track my problem down.


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A couple of possible solutions for iChat AV problems
Authored by: turbogeek on Apr 21, '05 02:17:33PM

The problem is a little worse than you are led to believe. It seems that iChat has no tolerences for network delays. If you are behind a router and a wifi router then odds are iChat won't work. If you are using 2-way satalite, you will also have problems. We also could not get audio to work on all but the best days.

Apple support recomended direct wire connects through as few pieces of equipment as possible. Note that I am running the latest 10.3.9 and it is still not working worth a hoot. Perhaps 10.4 will fix this.

Note that skype works every time!

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