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Change the .mac disk/email ratio Internet
Apple emailed me today letting me know that they are now giving us 250mb of combined iDisk and .Mac mail storage. I am sure others know this, but I never saw it on my .Mac account. It may be a new feature, or it's always been there, but I never bothered to login and click on Account, so I have missed this ... as I am sure others may have.

After receiving the email, I fired up System Prefs and clicked on .Mac. It said I only had 125mb of iDisk space. But wait that email from Apple just said I had 250mb of space. So I logged into my .Mac account, and it also showed the same 125mb for my iDisk.

But if you click on Account on your .Mac homepage (down near the bottom of the left-hand column of links), you will see a button for Storage Settings. Click that, and you'll have access to switching your iDisk and .Mac mail 250mb storage settings. In my case, that meant moving to a setting that was more agreeable with my setup of not using the .Mac mail for storing my emails online -- I pull them off the server everytime. So I set my iDisk and .Mac mail ratio up to be 230mb for iDisk and 20mb for .Mac mail. Hope this helps others.

[robg adds: The location of the Account link wasn't intuitive to me, either. I assumed it was somewhere in the header, so you could reach it from any .mac page. Instead, you have to be on your home page. So hopefully this will save others some frustration, and thanks, Apple, for upping the storage limits. While it's not quite GMail, it's more than enough for me -- I have my ratio at 235 iDisk / 15 email, and would go even lower on email if allowed!]
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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: wisti on Oct 05, '04 12:21:22PM

You can just click on your username next to 'logout' on the header of most .Mac pages to access the account page.

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: g4cube on Oct 12, '04 08:17:05AM

Thanks for the short answer to my problems with the .mac stuff i couldnt see the other way to edit my settings only your way worked thanks mate.

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: hedgepig on Oct 05, '04 12:39:58PM

Ever since I changed the size of my iDisk I have troubles with my local copy. It always tells me that the size has changed, and it needs to be corrected locally. When the disk unmounts and mounts again after the automatic procedure the disk is still the same size.
Also MirrorAgent always hangs when interacting with the local copy.
MirrorAgent has always been a pain in the ass as far as I can remember but now it really pisses me off.
No luck on disabling the local copy either.(always reverts back after MirrorAgent dies)

Anyone has the same problem?

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: blalor on Oct 05, '04 12:50:06PM

Yes, I do have this problem, and I haven't found a fix. Anyone?

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: stokini on Oct 05, '04 12:52:28PM

I don't know anything about MirrorAgent, but I had the same problem with the size of the local iDisk. I kept getting a message saying that it would update the local copy to the correct size, but never actually did it.

To fix the problem, go to the .Mac pane of System Preferences, click on the iDisk tab, and turn off the local iDisk. (The contents will be backed up to a disk image on your desktop.) Quit System Preferences, reopen it and turn the local iDisk back on. The local copy will be recreated at the correct size.

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: hedgepig on Oct 05, '04 01:36:35PM

this didn't work for me...
Just ignores me disabling the local copy :(

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: sjmills on Oct 05, '04 11:07:40PM

You have to change to a different panel (or Quit) and it will stop and ask if you want to do that. And it takes a while for the local copy to be re-downloaded.

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: mm2270 on Oct 05, '04 02:42:39PM

Well I have all these troubles and more. I get that same warning about my iDisk local copy size being incorrect each time I wake from sleep or log-in, but here's my biggest problem. My .Mac prefpane under iDisk doesn't have the option to turn off/on a local copy. I'm not kidding. And I know I have a local copy, because I remember doing it. But for some odd reason, the controls for it don't show up anymore. I have no idea why, and without that I can't seem to fix my local iDisk.

Anyone have a clue why that would be happening? FYI, I emailed .Mac tech support days ago and have yet to hear from them. So much for support.

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: ridogi on Oct 05, '04 08:26:16PM

I turned off local copy. Quit system prefs. Logged out. (I waited about 15 minutes until mirror agent was quiet and let me logout.) Logged back in. Turned local copy back on. Wait for it to resync and you're good to go.

I did this on 2 machines, both 10.3.5 the day of the switch and it worked perfectly.

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: Dale Sorel on Oct 05, '04 01:45:55PM

After you make the change (if you have a local copy of your iDisk) you have to turn your local copy off then on again to see the change.

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Change the .mac disk/email ratio
Authored by: TommyTheKid on Nov 02, '04 02:15:14AM

I dont think logging out and logging in is necessary... but make sure you do any re-partitioning (see this hint) BEFORE you do the steps below or you will likely be repeating them :)

Just go to system preferences, .MAC then the iDISK (tab) ..
- uncheck local copy
- hit the red X .. notice that it asks you to remove local copy of idisk.. press that button and WAIT
- you will see that it renames your idisk icon to "Previous copy ..." .. then eventually makes it into a DMG and removes the idisk looking icon.
- notice preferences is still open?
- now re-check the box for local copy
- hit the red X again.. it will re-download your entire iDisk .. but it seems to work!


Tommy The Kid

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