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Airport Express, iTunes streaming, and Comcast Network
We finally got iTunes streaming to work with our Airport Express at home, despite Comcast giving us "static" IP addresses in different subnets. It turns out to be a really simple fix. We pay extra for "globally addressable" IPs for our home network. We get them via DHCP, and they change about once a week. Our IPs are always in different subnets, which doesn't work for streaming iTunes. If we switch to a local subnet, then we lose Jabber (and BitTorrent).

Using the Airport Admin Utility, I can see that the Airport Express connected to the stereo is at (for example). My laptop wireless interface is at 24.x.x.x. in a different subnet. I can give my laptop another IP address close to the Express using ifconfig (I tried doing this in System Preferences, but it won't let me add additional IPs to the Airport card). To do this, I open a Terminal and type:
sudo ifconfig en1 inet add
This adds the new IP address, with a subnet of, to the en1 interface, which (on the Powerbook) is the Airport card. Typing ifconfig shows you all of the interfaces, so you can confirm which en[n] interface is your airport connection.

After typing in my password, iTunes displayed the streaming dropdown, and we were able to get Tom Petty smoothly streaming on our living room speakers. As a caution: although this works for me at home, I don't know if the stream is making its way over the internet, or having any other side effects.
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Airport Express, iTunes streaming, and Comcast | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Airport Express, iTunes streaming, and Comcast
Authored by: mike3k on Sep 27, '04 01:32:48PM

You only need one IP address. Your base station or Airport Express can act as a NAT/DHCP server providing several internal IP addresses from a single external IP address and you can forward certain ports such as 80 from one of those machines, allowing it to be seen externally. Using only a single external IP address is a much simpler & better solution.

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Airport Express, iTunes streaming, and Comcast
Authored by: dreamer-of-rules on Sep 27, '04 03:11:54PM

We would have used DHCP with a local subnet, except that it makes it very difficult to use peer-to-peer apps like Jabber (needed for work) and BitTorrent. It was too much trouble switching off the local DHCP and rebooting the Airport Base Station and Express whenever we needed to use Jabber, so we were doing without the iTunes streaming instead. Until now.

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Airport Express, iTunes streaming, and Comcast
Authored by: esoterica on Sep 27, '04 03:37:34PM

Find out what ports Jabber, et al use and login to the base station and set up port forwarding (don't know what apple's nomenclature is -- it's sometimes referred to as Virtual Server) to forward those ports to the appropriate internal IP address. This has the added benefit of providing you an additional firewall for the ports you don't use.

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Airport Express, iTunes streaming, and Comcast
Authored by: agamemnon on Sep 28, '04 06:56:51AM

You probably shouldn't be doing this; grabbing a random IP as you are doing could interfere with your or someone else's internet connectivity. By assigning an IP address without using DHCP, you could end up with a duplicate IP address with unpredictable results.

A better option would be to (manually) assign an address of / mask to your Airport Express, and add to en1. Since IPs starting with 192.168. are not legal internet adresses, you won't run the risk of a duplicate IP address.

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