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Override 670MB size limit on Finder-burned CDs System
If you use the Finder to burn CDs, it (rather arbitrarily) sets the size of the image used to stage the CD to 670MB. If you have 700MB CDs (which are very common), you will waste 30MB by using Finder. If you'd rather use all the available space, follow these steps. You can also use this to burn many copies of something, while only having to prep the files once -- a big time saver.
  1. Make a new folder and put all your stuff in it you want to burn.
  2. Open the Terminal and go to the folder containing the folder you just populated.
  3. Type: hdiutil makehybrid -o somename your_folder
  4. Look in your current folder, and you should see a file called somefile.iso.
  5. Check the size of this file and make sure it will really fit on the CD.
  6. Type hdiutil burn somefile.iso, or use Disk Utility to burn it. If you want to make more copies of this CD, repeat this step for as many CDs as you want.
[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Override 670MB size limit on Finder-burned CDs
Authored by: goochrules on Sep 24, '04 01:02:57PM

This worked just great for me. I was able to burn a 698.3 MB and 699 MB avi of the World Cup of Hockey final using this method.

Having said that, two items of interest:
1) I inserted the disk before doing any of these steps, and the disk was ejected automatically following completion of the 'burn' step.
2) The icon on the desktop did not go away following the burn step, I had to drag those to the trash... in its self this is an amusing situation, my system thought it had two burnable disks mounted, and asked what i wanted to do with each (eject, burn, cancel) even though I have only one disk drive.

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Override 670MB size limit on Finder-burned CDs
Authored by: ataraxia on Sep 25, '04 12:37:14PM

This is true - I had forgotten about the timing issue here. I deal with it by not putting the disc in until the system asks for it (whether you use Disk Utility or the command line, it will tell you to insert a disc). You can also choose 'Ignore' when inserting the disc (if you haven't told it to just mount it by default anyway).

Anyway, as you discovered, recovering is no big deal - you just have to eject a disc or two that doesn't really exist ;)

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Override 670MB size limit
Authored by: matx666 on Sep 24, '04 04:21:29PM

Here's another hdiutil command i use all the time. Expecially when I connect remotely to my home box. I make a disk image of a folder or an app then i retrieve it with scp/sftp/http, or in this case you could burn it. I use hdiutil to burn dmg files are the time, it's faster than using the Disk Utility app any day.

Step 1. make folder into disk image

hdiutil create -srcfolder foldername some-name.dmg

Step 2. burn dmg

hdiutil burn some-name.dmg

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Override 670MB size limit on Finder-burned CDs
Authored by: iqgrande on Sep 24, '04 04:27:43PM

If size is very important, one can use mkisofs, cdrecord and/or cdrdao (from Fink, or from DarwinPorts, or from and overburn your CDs. For example, I was able to fit over 800 MB on a 700 MB CD-R. In Panther, assuming you've installed them from Fink, all you need to do is insert the blank CD-R, choose the "Ignore" button, and then have fun in the terminal. For more information, see
Note that the information on that site is more specific to Jaguar; if you are using Panther, there is no need to use the disktool commands (the "Ignore" takes care of this for least on my machine burning to a FireWire CD-RW drive).

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Override 670MB size limit on Finder-burned CDs
Authored by: leebennett on Sep 24, '04 06:45:39PM

Gah. This is why I've always used Toast instead of the Finder. Besides, doesn't the Finder still burn a duplicate of the computer's desktop database file to discs, potentially revealing sensitive information about the contents of your computer to someone who gets the CD and knows what they're doing? Toast has an option to burn an empty desktop database file.

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Override 670MB size limit on Finder-burned CDs
Authored by: bbowden on Sep 26, '04 06:57:33PM

We switched from using Toast (and Dragon Burn) to using Finder precisely because of the problem of desktop files.

We burn CDs to upload files to our Windows web server. Only Finder gives us 'clean' CDs with no Mac specific files like ._DStore.

Why do we upload via CD? Ask our IT dept!

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ALSO: Override 700MB burn size limit
Authored by: vtowel on Mar 15, '07 11:23:42AM
Every so often I come across a file or ISO image that's just barely over Finder's 700MB size limit (this is Tiger now - OS X 10.4 - I guess it was increased from 670MB to 700MB at some point), and I know that my 700MB CD can accommodate it. I've never had trouble in the past slightly overburning 700MB CDs - when the OS lets me! But Finder will refuse to let me. So the above hint is VERY USEFUL for this!

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