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Find recently added tracks in iTunes Apps
Although I have been using AutoTagX for a while now and am very happy using it, every once in a while I come across an album it can't help me out with or just barely. I still add it to my iTunes library and then want to manually edit the tags.

Trying to find those recently-added tracks can be a hassle. Or perhaps I'm just lazy. Regardless, there is an easy way to locate recently added tracks. I've made a smart playlist which looks for tracks matching the condition Date added is in the last 1 days. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow 'the last 1 hours,' but this will do. I've also made a smart playlist for the last week, so my girlfriend can check out what I added since she was here last (which is never more than a week).

Small hint, saves me a lot of annoying searching.

[robg adds: I just added the "Date added" column to the standard view; now I just click on that column to sort by date ... but smart playlists are handy, too!]
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select by most recently added
Authored by: earthsaver on Sep 22, '04 10:56:55AM

Instead of creating a condition manually in a smart playlist, just tell iTunes to select songs by Most Recently Added. Add the Date Added column to the playlist to see exactly when.

- Ben Rosenthal
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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: DougAdams on Sep 22, '04 11:57:05AM

Yep. I keep the main library sorted by Date Added. Everything else is just playlists or Browse mode.

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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: gdsimms on Sep 22, '04 12:27:40PM
I used to do this because It Makes Sense. Our lives take place in sequential time, and my brain conceives of my iTunes library pretty much in the order I added the songs.

Then I had a corrupted library and had to reimport it from the xml file. All of the songs now have a single add date, and sorting by "date added" does not even keep albums contiguous. I wish the info view would allow modification of "date added."

You might argue that it defeats the purpose of a "date added" field if it can be arbitrarily modified, and that "date added" should be untouchable as some sort of historical documentation, but consider:

  • I might want to use "date added" for the original purchase date of CDs (or tapes or LPs), which extends well before iTunes existed.
  • If re-importing a corrupted library mangles the "date added" field, then it is not so sacrosanct after all.

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updating Data Added field?
Authored by: sjk on Sep 24, '04 03:13:21PM
I've been looking for a way to preserve the Date Added information when merging iTunes Libraries and Music folders. Maybe it's possible to reset it to the file creation date? Closest I could find was Doug Adams' File Creation Date to Comments script. Unfortunately the "date added" AppleScript property is readonly so it seems the only way of doing this is by modifying the Library's XML file.

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Rendezvous libraries...
Authored by: MattHaffner on Sep 22, '04 04:47:47PM

This is how I view all the shared libraries on our LAN. Once a week or so I scan and see what's new on everyone's libraries. Very cool sort option to have included!

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The Fixit List
Authored by: tuckergperry on Sep 22, '04 12:06:13PM

I use the all important "fixit playlist"
if the Artist, genre, album or track name are blank, or if the track name starts with "Track", it gets put in the list. That way, I have a playlist of all the tracks I need to repair.

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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: flakaddict on Sep 22, '04 03:00:15PM

Yeah, I have mine set to 2 weeks, and sorted by date. I call it "New Stuff", and it works well for when I add a few CD's at a time to iTunes. They show up for me.

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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: gourls on Sep 22, '04 06:07:01PM
Yeah, I do that too. I don't import that much at a time, though, and I don't import new stuff unless I have decided that I've started to like the song. Except when I get new CD's. Then I import right away. I do have a recently added smart playlist.

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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: david-bo on Sep 22, '04 03:57:21PM

Not a hint.


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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: adrianm on Sep 22, '04 05:18:11PM

you spend way too much time adding hints

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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: mproud on Sep 24, '04 10:07:26AM

I have a "Newly Added Music" smart playlist and have it set so it's "Limit 100 songs by Most Recently Added" and "live updating". None of that "Last 1 days" crap.

But anyway, I like having a "Last 10 Played" as well — if not for myself, well, then for others connected through iTunes sharing.

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Find recently added tracks in iTunes
Authored by: jjmarcus on Sep 25, '04 02:04:18PM

Yep, this is a great organization tip. I also have my "Most recently added" playlist sync with my iPod, so it always has my lastest finds ready to go.

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